General Flash Drive Applications

General software applications tools and utilities that can be run from USB

LiLi – Live Linux USB Creator

Live Linux USB Creator

LiLi – Live Linux USB Creator is another nice little Live USB Builder created by Thibaut Lauzière. It can be used to make a Live Linux USB Flash Drive containing your favorite Linux Distribution. You can then Boot the Live Linux Operating System from the Flash Drive, instead of using a CD/DVD.

Free StopWatch

Free Stopwatch

Free Stopwatch is an entirely Free and Portable Digital Stop Watch software created by Sergey Koshkin of Comfort Software Group. This Portable Stopwatch can be used to measure (in 0.01 second increments) time intervals in hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds. Simply press start to begin counting time and stop to end counting time. A lap …

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PC Chrono – Portable Alarm Clock

pc chrono stopwatch 1

PC Chrono is an all-in-one advanced portable alarm clock, stopwatch, timer and “Wake Me Up” alarm clock. The notification sound output is completely adjustable to suite the users specific needs. PC Chrono makes for a great portable stopwatch and alarm clock solution. This portable utility requires roughly 872KB for complete stand alone USB flash drive …

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Clipboardic – Clipboard Recorder

Clipboardic - Clipboard Recorder

Clipboardic is a nifty little tool created by Nirsoft, that can be used to keep track of your Clipboard activity. It works by automatically recording Clipboard data and saving it to a Windows clipboard file (.clp). If you need to recover clipboard history, you simply select the clipboard file, and Clipboardic will display the items …

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24×24 Free Button Icons

Free Icons Pack 24x24

24×24 Free Button Icons is simply a compilation of Freeware icons created by Aha-Soft that can be used for personal or commercial use (see the readme in the zip for more info). Although not a portable app, you never know when these Icons might come in handy for an application or website. This is a …

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Reveal Password

reveal 3

Reveal is a password unmasking tool that can be used to recover or reveal passwords hidden behind asterisks. It works well for unmasking outlook express email account passwords (reveal email password). Essentially the tool changes the password text boxes to normal text boxes (revealing the hidden password).

Drive Manager – Drive Info Tool

Drive Manager 4

Drive Manager is a Free Stand Alone Portable Drive Info Utility. It can be used to display, identify and manage your Hard Drives, CD/DVD Drives, Removable USB Flash Drives, and USB Hard Drives. From Capacity and firmware revision to serial number and product ID, Just about everything you need to know about your drives is …

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SysExporter – Data Extraction


SysExporter is a compact tool that enables you to export data such as files inside a folder or compressed archive, Windows event logs, Outlook email and contact information, registry values and more from just about every application that might be running on your PC. The data can be exported to a text, HTML or XML …

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