General Flash Drive Applications

General software applications tools and utilities that can be run from USB

ByteWasher – File Cleanup

ByteWasher is a Free File Cleanup Tool. This portable utility can be used to Remove Temporary Files, Remove Recent Documents, Delete Thumbnail Cache and clean up other unnecessary clutter. ByteWasher is tiny and makes for a nice portable file cleanup utility to add to your arsenal.

Blender Portable

Blender Portable is an Open Source 3D Creation Software created by Blender that could be stored and then run directly from a USB device. Portable Blender is an advanced graphical creation tool that enables users to render, animate, shade, composite, model and create all kinds of amazing and cool 3D graphics and animation effects.

XMIND – Portable Mind Map

XMIND is an Open Source Portable Mind Mapping Software.  It is an easy to use charting software that’s commonly used for Brainstorming sessions, personal mind mapping or to capture knowledge and ideas  for projects and project management. The information within a chart or map can be shared online, shared internally or kept as a personal …

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iWisoft Flash SWF Downloader

iWisoft Flash SWF Downloader is a Free tool that enables you to download SWF files from a website. The SWF download tool could be used to grab embedded Flash Games, Flash Animations, Flash Movies and more. Simply paste the URL into the address bar and click Download. The SWF Downloading software will then locate and …

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Aciqra – Portable Planetarium

Aciqra is a free Portable Planetarium that can be used to display a virtual real time, history or future view of the day or night sky from your location. The virtual view displays the planets, stars, comets and other minor bodies along with their coordinates and phases.  Usage of the Aciqra software is easy and …

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CPU Stability Test – Processor Tester

CPU Stability Test - Processor Torture Testing

CPU Stability Test is a Free Processor Tester. This CPU benchmark tool was originally created by Jouni Vuorio. It can be used as a “CPU Torture Test” to check the stability of your computer system. Enabling you to fix hardware problems before they potentially become catastrophic and cause data loss.

The Guide

The Guide is a Free Portable Application that allows you to categorize  information in a hierarchical, tree type structure. Working much like the Help Menus or Help Guides used in common applications, the tree like organization structure could be used to create custom guides, help menus, books and more using parent level topics with child …

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Eigenmath – Portable MatLab

Eigenmath is basically a “Portable MatLab“. This tool can help aid in solving algebra and calculus problems through the manipulation of mathematical expressions in symbolic form. Eigenmath includes many mathematical functions, it has graphing capabilities and also supports scripting.

WinMerge – Folder Compare Freeware


WinMerge is an Open Source Folder Comparison Freeware tool. This portable differencing and merging  tool can be used to visually compare differences or changes in folder or file versions in a format that is easy to understand. WinMerge can then be used to merge or sync those changes.

PureRa – Portable File Cleaner

PureRa is an Open Source portable file cleanup tool. It can be used to remove files from your computer that many other cleaning programs overlook. The tool can help you retrieve valuable space and will attempt to repair or remove files that tend to reappear. Config.msi, Desktop.ini, Iconcache.db, .sqm-files, and Thumbs.db are just some of …

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Alarm – Portable Alarm Clock

Alarm is a simple and Free Portable Alarm Clock. The digital alarm clock comes in a variety of colors. The current Time is automatically synchronized with your computers clock and the alarm can be set in one hour, one minute or one second increments. Alarm is easy to use and to the point. Simply set …

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