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Free software, portable applications and games: Sitemap of reviewed apps, tools, utilities and games that can be stored and from a USB flash drive. A portable app or game offers the convenience of being able to run software from a USB flash drive, without the need for installation on a computer's hard drive. This makes them an ideal solution for people who need to work on multiple computers or who prefer to carry their favorite software and tools with them wherever they go.

At, we've curated a collection of personally reviewed freeware software, portable apps and games across a range of popular categories, so you can easily find the tools you need to work, play, or stay organized. Our selection includes productivity apps, multimedia apps, security and privacy tools, system utilities, stand-alone freeware games and much more.

Choose from a vast selection of office apps, note-taking tools, and project management software. If you're into photography, graphic design, or video editing, we've got you covered with our pick of photo editors, image viewers, and video players. And if you're looking for some fun, you can check out our collection of reviewed portable games, including classic arcade games, old console games, emulators, and more modern titles. Most of these games and tools run entirely from your USB drive, so you can take them with you wherever you go, and in many cases use them at any available Windows PC - all without leaving traces behind on the host computer.

So whether you're a student, a professional, or just someone who likes to stay organized and productive, this site has likely found the free software or portable apps you need to help you get the job done.

Free Software | Portable Applications | Free Games Categories

Browse our categorized selection of reviewed free stand-alone software, utilities and games below and discover the freedom and flexibility of portable computing!

Arcade Game Emulators for PC

RetroArch Console Game Emulator Best Free Portable Arcade Game Emulators for PC that can be run from a USB drive:

Best Free Portable Games

Xonotic - A Free Shooter Game The Best Free Portable Games to download on and play from a USB flash drive while at work, school, home, or anywhere.

Bootable USB Software

USBImager - Copy a Bootable ISO to USB Bootable USB software. Flash drive tools that can be used to make a USB boot from Windows, Linux, or system diagnostic backup and recovery tools.

Build Your Own Portable App

JauntePE - Make Portable Apps Tools to help you Build your Own Portable Application

CD Burning Software

Convert BIN to ISO Images with WinBin2Iso The Best free CD Burning Software that can be stored and run entirely from a removable USB drive.

Checksum Calculators

HashMyFiles - Checksum Calculator Portable Checksum and Hash Calculators - MD5 SHA CRC32

Computer Programming

Textadept - Programmers Text Editor Portable Programming software tools and utilities

Data Recovery

Free Computer Tuneup Tool - Smart PC Optimizer Portable Diagnostics and Data Recovery Tools that run from a USB flash drive

Disk Defragmenters

UltraDefrag - Disk Defragmenter Portable tools that can be used to defragment your hard disks

Encryption Utilities

CryptoForge Decrypter - File Decryption Tool USB portable Encryption Tools and Utilities

File Managers

Linux Reader for Windows The Best Free File Manager Apps that can be run from USB

Free Audio Video Software

Instagiffer - Free Animated Gif Maker Free Portable Audio Video Software Tools and Utilities

Free Backup Software

Bit Copier Free File Copying Software Some of the best free backup software available.

Free Graphic Design Software

Free Graphical Art Software - Zip Art Free Graphic Design Software. 3d modeling graphic art programs, vector tools, and visual design utilities.

Free Portable Antivirus Software

Free Malware Scanner - Avira PC Cleaner The Best Free Portable Antivirus Software, Firewall Apps and Security Tools for USB

Free Spyware Malware Removal Software

Free Malware Remover Norton Power Eraser Free malware remover tools and free spyware removal software. Utilities to detect and remove spyware and malware from infected computers.

Free Streaming Audio Recorders

TapinRadio - Internet Radio Player and Recorder The Best Free Streaming Audio Recorders

General Flash Drive Applications

Free Mind Brainstorming App General software applications tools and utilities that can be run from USB

Instant Messengers

Digsby Portable IM Email Social Networking Portable IM Instant Messaging software

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

ADIIRC - Internet Relay Chat Client Portable (IRC) Internet Relay Chat clients, servers, utilities and text based communication tools  that use a real-time communication protocol.

Internet Security

Last Audit - Portable Network Security Tool Tools that can be used to monitor your Computers Security

Internet Tools

Complete Internet Repair - Fix Network Problems Portable Internet and Web Browser Tools

iPod Managers

CopyTrans Free iTunes Alternative Replacement Tools that can be used to mange the contents of your iPod

Mac OS X Portable Apps

Portable Chromium for Mac OS X Portable Applications for Mac OS X

Media Players

ALLPlayer - All Media Player Portable digital media players for usb drives and other removable devices.

Money Management

GNUCash Portable Money Management Software Portable Personal Finance software solutions

Network Tools

Advanced IP Scanner Portable Networking and IT Tools

Operating System Emulation

Emerge Desktop - Alternate Windows Shell Portable Operating System Emulation

P2P Filesharing utilities

BitTorrent Sync - Portable USB flash drive portable filesharing utilities and applications

Password Managers

LSN Password Safe - Password Manager Portable tools that can be used to manage your passwords

Password Recovery Software

Password Security Scanner The Best Free Password Recovery Software and Tools

PDF Tools

Convert PDF to Word Documents - First PDF PDF Tools, Portable PDF Readers, PDF File Creators, and Word Processors.

Personal Information Database Software

Portable Kanban - Task Manager Personal Information Database Software that can be stored and run entirely from a removable USB device.

Picture Editors

Free Image Annotation App iPhotoDraw Picture, Image and Photo Editors that can be run from USB

Pocket Dictionary

Portable Text and Speech Translator - QTranslate Portable Dictionaries that can be run from USB

Portable Application Suites

Lupo PenSuite - Suite of Portable Apps Suite Packages that offer a collection of Portable Applications

Portable Bible Software

Portable Bible Search Software - Bible Lightning The Best Free Bible Software Applications to run from a USB flash drive.

Portable Browsers

Portable Chromium for Mac OS X Portable browsers. Internet web browsing tools that you can bring with you. Stored on and run from a USB flash drive. Web surfing made possible at any available Windows PC.

Portable eMail

Email Attachment Extractor | OutlookAttachView Portable eMail Software

Portable FTP Tools

MobaXterm Portable X server and SSH Client Portable FTP Tools -  File Transfer Protocol software utilities that can be run from USB.

Portable Start Menus

Portable Application Launcher - Start Menu Portable Start Menus or Portable Launchers for USB drives.

Portable VNC

ChrisControl - Portable RDP + VNC Remote Control Portable VNC

Portable VoIP Tools

Discord Portable - Free Chat App for Gamers Portable Voice over IP (VOIP) Clients

Portable Web Servers

MobaXterm Portable X server and SSH Client Best Free Portable Web Servers. Apache, mySQL, PHP, http server software for Windows that can be stored and run directly from a removable USB flash drive.

Product Key Tools

Product Key Finder - Find Serial and CD Keys This product key tools category includes software designed to recover, manage, and display product keys for Windows operating system and other installed software. Essential for users who need to reinstall operating system or applications but have lost their original serial keys. Also helpful for system administrators who manage multiple machines and need to keep track of software licenses.

Registry Tools

Free Registry Cleaner - Registry Recycler Portable Registry Browsing, Editing and Cleaning Tools

RSS Readers

Royal RSS Reader - Really Simple Syndication Free Portable RSS Feed Readers

Screen Recorders

Screen Capture - MWSnap Free portable screen recorder software

Secure File Deletion Tools

HDShredder - Securely Wipe a Drive Portable Tools that can be used to Delete or Wipe Files from your hard drive

System Hardware Information

System Spec - Portable System Information Tool System Information Tools that can be run from a portable USB device.

System Process Tools

View Recently Opened Files - RecentFilesView Tools that allow a user to set an allotment to assigned system resources

System Tools

Drive Tidy Portable Disk Cleaner Portable system tools to help configure your software and add or remove programs


Lingoes Portable Dictionary Portable Translators - Translation software that can be run from USB.

Unit Converter Apps

Calculor - Free Calculator Portable Measurement and Unit Converter Apps

USB Tools

USB Raptor - Use USB to Lock PC USB flash drive tools that can be used for speed test, benchmarking, PC repair, and diagnostics.

Weather Programs

WeatherMate - Portable Weather Free Portable Weather Software

Webmaster tools

DB Browser for SQLite USB portable tools for webmasters and website designers

Zip Rar Tar Exe Archivers

File Splitter Portable Archiving Zip Rar Tar Exe Compression Decompression Tools