Checksum Calculators

Portable Checksum and Hash Calculators – MD5 SHA CRC32

SFV Ninja - Simple File Verification Checksum Tool

SFV Ninja - Free Checksum Calculator and ValidatorSFV Ninja is a Simple File Verification checksum calculator; A tool that can be used to either verify a checksum file or or create a checksum file. Creation or validation of CRC32, MD5, SHA-1, or SHA-256 checksums are supported.

Crypto Hash Calculator

Crypto Hash CalculatorCrypto Hash Calculator is another great free and portable hash checksum calculator. It can be used to get the hash of a file and compare or verify a checksum.

Hasher - Hash Generator

HasherIgorWare Hasher is a SHA-1, MD5 and CRC32 hash creator or hash generator for Windows. This checksum calculator can be used to generate a checksum for a single file.

MultiHasher - Hash Checksum Checker

MultiHasher - Checksum CalculatorMultiHasher is a File Hash Generator or Checksum Calculator. Offered as portable freeware, it can be used to validate, check or create MD5, SHA-1, CRC32, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512 hashes or checksums.

HashGenerator - File Checksum Calculator

HashGeneratorHashGenerator is a Free Hash Generator created by SecurityXploded. It can be used to quickly and easily create or generate a hash for any file or text, and also supports drag and drop Hash File Generation.

MD5 Checksum Calculator

md5-checksum-calculatorMD5 Checksum Calculator previously called (RiMD5), is a tiny portable freeware utility that can be used to generate, calculate, compare and validate checksum values or MD5 (Message Digest number 5) of specified files.

Marxio File Checksum Verifier

file-checksum-verifierThe Marxio file checksum verifier is a portable file checksum validator. It allows you to calculate and compare checksums and then verify those checksums against the original.