Free File Managers

The Best Free File Manager Apps that can be run from USB

Linux Ext Reader for Windows

Linux Reader

Linux Reader by DiskInternals is a Linux Ext Reader for Windows. It allows Windows to Read from Linux Filesystems such as Ext2, Ext3, Ext4. It supports reading from ReiserFS, HFS, HFS+, NTFS, FAT, and exFAT filesystems as well. You can also use it to mount vMware, VirtualPC, VirtualBox, and Parallels disk images, enabling you to …

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Xyplorer Free Portable File Manager

XyplorerFree Portable File Manager

Xyplorer Free is an awesome little Portable File Manager for Windows. It was originally created by Cologne Code Company and comes packed with features. Key features include advanced file search filters, multilevel undo, multiple preview panes. Along with treepath tracing, breadcrumbs, animated gif preview, duplicate file finder, batch renaming, zip support, secure delete beyond recovery …

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File Splitter and Joiner HJSplit

HJSplit File Splitter and Joiner

HJSplit is both a Free File Splitter and File Joiner in one. This utility makes Splitting and Joining Files, Simple! Created by Freebyte, this portable software can be used to Split large files into smaller chunks (.001, .002, .003 etc) so that they may be sent via email or other methods that typically impose file …

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Rename Multiple Files at Once – File Renamer

File Renamer - Rename Multiple Files at Once

File Renamer is a Free Portable Software created by Stefan Trost that can be used to Rename Multiple Files simultaneously. Multiple file renaming options are available with File Renamer, enabling users to number files, find and replace words numbers or characters in files, add characters to the file names and more.

TeraCopy – Fast File Transfer

TeraCopy; is an app that can be used to perform a fast file transfer, enabling you to copy or move files at the maximum possible speed. This portable fast file copier works by using asynchronous copy to speed up copying between two drives. Buffers are also used to help reduce any seek time.

Find and Remove Duplicate Files (AllDup)

AllDup - Free Duplicate File Remover

AllDup is a Free duplicate file finder. A portable tool used to search for, detect and then remove duplicate files found on any given drive or folder. Duplicates can be sorted by name, extension, size, content, date, attributes and links. A list of detected duplicates can also be exported and printed.

Easy Duplicate File Finder

Easy Duplicate File Finder

Easy Duplicate File Finder is a Free File Finder that as the name suggests, can be used to Find Duplicate Files. Very useful for finding and deleting or removing Duplicate Mp3 Song Files. It works by finding only exact duplicates of the file type you set by file mask. A minimum filesize can also be …

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UltraSearch – Fast File Finder

UltraSearch - Find Files Fast

UltraSearch is a Freeware Fast File Search Tool created by JAM Software.  It can be used to quickly find for files or folders only on local NTFS drives.  Quoted “UltraSearch does not use a background process to build an index, it achieves its speed by working directly on the Master File Table (MFT) of the …

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FastCopy – File Copier

FastCopy - File Copier

FastCopy is a Free and Portable File Copying Software that can be used to synchronize and copy files and entire directory structures from a source to a destination.  Additional features include copying files without overwrite, copy if file is newer, delete source, and overwrite all. The tool uses load balancing techniques to minimize system load …

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