File Managers

Portable File and Folder Management Tools

Linux Reader – DiskInternals

Linux Reader by DiskInternals is a Free handy disk management tool that can also be made to bring with you and run portably from a USB flash drive. Linux Reader allows Windows users to utilize a familiar Explorer to read or extract information from various filesystems such as Ext2, Ext3, Ext4, ReiserFS, HFS, HFS+, NTFS, …

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XyplorerFree Portable File Manager

XyplorerFree is an awesome little Portable File Manager for Windows created by  Cologne Code Company. This Portable File Manager comes packed with features such as advanced file search filters, multilevel undo, multiple preview panes, animated gif preview, duplicate file finder, batch renaming, zip support, secure delete beyond recovery (wipe), and more. Best of all it’s completely …

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Remove Empty Directories – RED

RED is a Free and Portable Tool created by Jonas John that helps reduce clutter by batch deleting empty folders! It can be used to quickly and easily find and ultimately batch delete empty folders or directories. RED works by recursively scanning for empty folders and then enables you to delete them all at once. …

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Base64 Decoder

Base64 Decoder is a Free and Portable Tool created by Tim Rohlfs. It can be used to decode attachments found in email files. For example, I used it as a Windows Live Mail Attachment Extractor to decode Windows Live Mail .eml email files, and save or extract those Base 64 encoded email attachments to another …

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Folder Size – List and Sort Directories by Size

Folder Size is a Portable and Free program created by MindGems. It can be used to scan an attached drive and display how much space each directory is consuming.  Disk space consumed by each folder is broken down by percentage and displayed by your choice of either a bar or pie chart.

Rename Multiple Files at Once – File Renamer

File Renamer is a Free Portable Software created by Stefan Trost that can be used to Rename Multiple Files simultaneously. Multiple file renaming options are available with File Renamer, enabling users to number files, find and replace words numbers or characters in files, add characters to the file names and more.

Duplicate Music Files Finder

Duplicate Music Files Finder is a Free tool created by Lancuta Liviu Timotei. It can be used to detect and remove duplicate MP3, Wav,  WMA files. The first music file found is listed in the left pane, duplicates found are listed in the right pane. Check boxes and Check All buttons exist on each side, …

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Easy Duplicate File Finder

Easy Duplicate File Finder is a Free File Finder that as the name suggests, can be used to Find Duplicate Files. Very useful for finding and deleting or removing Duplicate Mp3 Song Files. It works by finding only exact duplicates of the file type you set by file mask. A minimum filesize can also be …

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