File Managers

The Best Free File Manager Apps that can be run from USB

TeraCopy Portable Fast File Transfer

teracopyTeraCopy is an app that can be used to perform a fast file transfer, enabling you to copy or move files at the maximum possible speed. This portable fast file copier works by using asynchronous copy to speed up copying between two drives.

CloneSpy Find and Remove Duplicate Files

CloneSpy - Find and Remove Duplicate FilesCloneSpy is a freeware duplicate file removing tool that can be used to "find and remove duplicate files", clean your computer of unnecessary clutter, and free up drive space. This tool can detect and list files that are either exact duplicates, have same file name, have same size, or are zero bytes long.

Explorer++ Portable Explorer

portable-explorerExplorer++ is a Free Portable Explorer that can be installed to an run directly from a USB device. The Windows Explorer clone features many additional enhancements such as multi tabbed browsing, thumb preview of images as they are selected, drag and drop support, file merging or splitting and more.

DuoExplorer - A Dual Window File Explorer

multi-window-file-explorer-duoexplorerDuoExplorer is a free and portable multi window file explorer or a "Dual Window File Explorer". It can be used to navigate two directory structures from a single split view file explorer window.

ozSync - File Synchronization

ozsync-file-synchronization-and-backup-utilityozSync is a Free and Portable File Synchronization Tool. The utility can be used to synchronize files and folders that reside at different locations and create a backup of the changes.

NexusFile - File Manager

NexusFile File ManagerNexusFile is a Portable File Manager for Windows (Replacement Windows File Manager). Developed by JungHoon Noh (xiles),  NexusFile can be used to explore and manage your files quickly.

IndexYourFiles - Fast File Search Tool

IndexYourFiles - Fast File Search ToolIndexYourFiles is a lightening fast Portable File Indexer and File Search Tool. It can be used to search through all of the files and folders on your Windows PC.

FastCopy - File Copier

FastCopy - File CopierFastCopy is a Free and Portable File Copying Software that can be used to synchronize and copy files and entire directory structures from a source to a destination. Additional features include copying files without overwrite, copy if file is newer, delete source, and overwrite all.

Linux Reader for Windows

Linux ReaderLinux Reader is a Linux Ext Reader for Windows. It allows Windows to Read from Linux Filesystems such as Ext4, Ext3, Ext2.

File Splitter

File SplitterFile Splitter is a free file splitting and file joiner tool. Much Like

UltraExplorer - Portable File Navigation Tool

Ultra ExplorerUltraExplorer was designed to be the ultimate file manager and can be used to replace Windows Explorer. It sports many additional features such as a customizable user interface, favorites window, filter window, history window and even comes with the option to run the command line window from the current directory.

Xyplorer Free Portable File Manager

XyplorerFree Portable File ManagerXyplorer is an awesome little free and portable file manager for Windows. It was originally created by Cologne Code Company and comes packed with features.

HJSplit File Splitter and Joiner

HJSplit File Splitter and JoinerHJSplit is both a file splitter and file joiner in one. It is an entirely free utility makes splitting and joining files, simple!

UltraFileSearch - File Search Utility

UltraFileSearch - File Search UtilityUltraFileSearch is yet another free file search utility. It can be used to quickly find text, files, or folders within any drive or search across multiple drives at once.

Easy Duplicate File Finder

Easy Duplicate File FinderEasy Duplicate File Finder is a Free File Finder that as the name suggests, can be used to Find Duplicate Files. Very useful for finding and deleting or removing Duplicate Mp3 Song Files.

File Bucket - File Copier - File Clone Tool

File BucketFile Bucket is a Freeware Portable File Copier or File Clone tool created by Skwire Empire. It can be used to copy a collection of folders or files from different locations to a singular location.

Explore2fs - Access Linux Files from Windows

accessing linux files from windows with explore2fsExplore2fs is a Linux File Explorer offered by chrysocome that can be used to access Ext2 and Ext3 filesystems while running in Windows. It features drag and drop functionality, and can even access Ext2, Ext3 images (.

Bulk File Rename Utility

bulk-file-rename-utilityBulk Rename Utility is a Portable Free Bulk File Renamer. It can be used to rename multiple files at once.

ReNamer - File Rename Tool

renamerReNamer is a free file rename tool that can be stored and run from a USB device. Like many other file renaming utilities provides users with the ability to rename prefixes, suffixes, change case, string replacements, change file extensions and much more.

Free Commander - Portable File Manager

free-commander-portable-file-managerFree Commander is a Free Portable File Manager for USB. Proclaimed as an excellent alternative to the windows file manager, it is easy to use and get accustomed to.

Automated File Management Software - Belvedere

Belevedre - Automated File ManagerBelvedere is an awesome little Automated File Manager created by Adam Pash. It can be used to do actions on files based on user defined criteria, making it easy to automate the organization and synchronization of files.

Get Folder Size - List Files and Folders by Size

Get Folder SizeGet Folder Size is a Freeware Portable Tool created by Michael Thummerer Software Design. Get Folder Size can be used to determine the size of a folder, subfolders, and files stored on a hard drive, CD/DVD, USB, or mapped network drives.

Dirhtml - Index HTML Generator

Index.html Generator - dirhtmlDirhtml is a Free Portable App that can be used to create a web navigational index file (index.html) of  all the files in a folder and it's subfolder tree.

Ken Rename - File Renaming Tool

ken-rename-file-renameKen Rename is a Free File Rename utility that can be stored and run from a USB device. The File Renaming Tool enables a user to quickly and easily rename files.

Snowbird 7 - File Manager

snowbird-7-file-manager-windows-file-searchSnowbird 7 is a Free Portable File Manager and Windows Search Tool. The tool is simple to use and enables a user to navigate and manage the file structure of local drives or network drives.

LAN Search Pro - Portable File Search

lan-search-pro-portable-file-search-toolLAN Search Pro is a free Portable File Search tool that enables users to quickly search for specific file names or file types across an entire LAN (local area network). Once files have been found, the user can open and view, move, copy or rename the items.

SE-Explorer - File Explorer Replacement

free-file-manager-se-explorerSE-Explorer is an awesome Free Portable File Manager and Explorer for Windows (Windows File Explorer Replacement). SE-Explorer features a tabbed interface with dual pane browsing, a file search option, a file size scanner to help locate the largest files, resource (hex) view for exe files and icons, syntax highlighted text viewer, built in web browser and much more.

SpaceMonger - Find Lost Disk Space

SpaceMongerSpaceMonger is a Disk Space Organizer Tool created by Sixty-Five Software Inc. It can be used to quickly Map and Find Lost Disk Space.

SpaceSniffer - Find Lost Disk Space

spacesniffer-track-lost-disk-spaceSpaceSniffer is a Free Portable App that can be used to Find Lost Disk Space. It works by displaying a layered disk map that shows how much space files, folders and programs are taking up on the select drive.

DriveSort - Lists the Largest or Newest Files

DriveSort - List the Largest or Most Recently Created FilesDriveSort is a free portable file sorting application. It can be used to present the contents of a drive or directory by filesize; largest files first or by date; newest files first.

ArcConvert - Archive Conversion Tool

arcconvertArcConvert is a Free Archive Conversion Tool that can be used to Convert any Compressed File or Convert Archives into different compression formats. If you have you ever needed to convert a RAR file to ZIP, ZIP to RAR, ISO to ZIP, RPM to ZIP etc, this tool can do it.

Remove Empty Directories - RED

Remove Empty DirectoriesRED is a Free and Portable Tool that helps reduce clutter by batch deleting empty folders! It can be used to quickly and easily find and batch delete empty folders or directories.

Base64 Decoder

Base64 DecoderBase64 Decoder is a Free and portable decoder tool. It can be used to convert base64 data back to its original source code.

Duplicate Music Files Finder

Duplicate Music Files FinderDuplicate Music Files Finder is a Free tool created by Lancuta Liviu Timotei. It can be used to detect and remove duplicate MP3, Wav,  WMA files.

Rename Multiple Files with Rename Master

Renaming Many Files with Rename MasterRename Master is a Portable and Free Multiple File Renaming Tool. Created by JoeJoeSoft, Rename Master can rename multiple files (Batch Rename many files) within seconds.

DropIt - Drag and Drop File Organizer

dropit-drag-and-drop-file-organizerDropIt is a Free and Portable Drag and Drop File Organizer created by lupopensuite. This drag and drop file organizing utility consist of a drop target that sits on your desktop.

OpenedFilesView - Locked Files Manager

openedfilesview-view-locked-filesOpenedFilesView is a free portable utility that enables users to view, manage and delete locked files. OpenedFilesView is particularly helpful when attempting to delete, open or move a file and you get the following error messages: Cannot delete [filename]: There has been a sharing violation.

Everything File Search Tool

everything-file-search-toolEverything file search tool for Windows is search engine software created and offered by Voidtools. Worlds faster than any built in Windows file searching tool, the everything search engine makes it quick and easy to locate any file or folder by name.