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File Splitter and Joiner HJSplit

HJSplit File Splitter and Joiner

HJSplit is both a Free File Splitter and File Joiner in one. This utility makes Splitting and Joining Files, Simple! Created by Freebyte, this portable software can be used to Split large files into smaller chunks (.001, .002, .003 etc) so that they may be sent via email or other methods that typically impose file …

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ArcThemAll Multi File Compression

ArcThemAll is Free portable File Compression Software. The Batch File Compression Tool can be used to compress multiple files or folders using popular ZIP, UPX and 7z compression formats. The user can also create self extracting archives and even password encrypted archives. It utilizes NRV2E, LZMA and Intelligent UPX compression modes. This tool can also …

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MyZippa – Portable Archive Tool

MyZippa is another FREE batch archive creation utility that supports ZIP, 7Zip and RAR. This is a nice tool for archiving or compressing multiple folders at once. MyZippa also contains profile support so advanced users can easily automate processes via command line scheduling or from Windows Scheduled Tasks. This portable tool requires roughly 1.39MB for …

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UPX – Executable Compressor

UPX is a Portable Executable Compressor or “Exe Packer” that operates from a command line or drag and drop. This Free Executable Compression Utility allows you to compress executable files with an excellent compression ratio while still retaining fast decompression (compresses better than zip or gzip). UPX uses very little system resources to accomplish it’s …

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File Splitter

File Splitter

File Splitter is a Free File Splitter and File Joiner. Much Like HJSplit, this tool can be used to split big files into multiple (file chunks) and to merge those split chunks back into a singular file. This allows a user to send smaller pieces of a large file to recipients in portions that are …

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