Webmaster tools

USB portable tools for webmasters and website designers

Pixie Portable Color Picker

Pixie portable pixel color pickerPixie is a Free Portable Color Picker created by Nattyware. It can be used to display the HEX, HTML, RGB, CMYK, and HSV values of any pixel color presented on your computer screen or monitor.

HFS Portable HTTP File Server

hsf-file-serverHFS is an open source Portable HTTP file server that can be used to securely send and receive or share files over the internet. It utilizes an easy to follow drag and drop file sharing system and is ready to use right out of the box.

DropUpLoad - FTP Uploading Spooler

DropUpLoad FTPDropUpLoad is a portable FTP spooler that allows a webmaster to completely update his or her website directories via ftp with minimal risk to data corruption or loss when moving a large number of files. It does this by holding the files in que, then spooling or buffering the information that is being transferred.

LinkSpirit - PageRank Calculator

LinkSpirit Page Rank CalculatorLinkSpirit is a portable PageRank calculator that allows a webmaster to analyze the internal links on their website. Studying this information is important because external and internal links make up a large portion of PageRank.

RelevanceSpirit - Webmasters Optimizing Utility

RelevanceSpiritRelevanceSpirit is an Open Source portable SEO tool or utility that allows a webmaster to easily study and manage all of the relevant terms, keywords and key phrases that make up their web pages. Site or page relevance has been proven to be just as important as page rank when it comes to SEO - search engine optimization.

DB Browser for SQLite

DB Browser for SQLiteDB Browser for SQLite is a free and open-source graphical user interface (GUI) tool that allows users to create, design, and manage SQLite databases. SQLite is a lightweight, self-contained, and serverless database engine that is used by many applications and systems.

Database Browser Portable

Database Browser PortableDatabase Browser Portable is a tool that can be used to connect to a database to easily view, change or create database data, run sql scripts, export and or print data. The data can be exported into CSV, Excel or Html files.

SpidEye - Web Crawler HTML Browser

spideye-robot-browserSpidEye is a Free HTML browser for Webmasters that enables a user to see what the web crawler might see while browsing the web. It provides a glimpse of the internet from a Spider's eye.

Dirhtml - Index HTML Generator

Index.html Generator - dirhtmlDirhtml is a Free Portable App that can be used to create a web navigational index file (index.html) of  all the files in a folder and it's subfolder tree.

Rank Me - Get Google Pagerank

Rank MeRank Me is a Free page rank checking tool created by Mattlav Software. This portable page rank checker can be used to look up the page rank of any website or page by simply typing the URL and pressing the Get Google Page Rank button.

ColorFOff - Get Color from Screen

Get Color from Screen with ColorFOffColorFOff is an Open Source Portable Desktop Color Picker. It can be used to get the HEX color value of any pixel color presented on your screen.

Oiko Visual CSS editor - Portable CSS

portable-css-oiko-editorOiko Visual CSS editor is a Free Portable CSS editor.  It is essentially a visual CSS editor that helps you edit or design your style sheet (CSS) code from a visual or graphical interface without the need to know code.