Free Backup Software

Some of the best free backup software available.

USB Image Tool

USB Image ToolUSB Image Tool is a free drive backup software that can create exact backup USB images of  your removable flash drives, sd cards, or MP3 players. The backed up image can be restored back to the same device or copied to another device.

USB Flash Tools - Format Backup Restore Verify

USB Flash ToolsUSB Flash Tools is a toolkit that contains useful drive management utilities for flash drives or flash memory cards. Key features include the ability to create a backup image of a USB flash drive or restore a backup image to USB.

Drive Image XML - Free Backup Software Utility

Drive Image XML - Free Backup ToolDrive Image XML is Free Backup Software. This portable backup utility can be used to create a backup image of a partition or logical drive or (clone) copy directly from one drive to another.

Allway Sync - Free File Backup Software

Allway Sync n Go - Portable Backup and Syncronization SoftwareAllway Sync n Go is a Free File Backup and Synchronization Software Tool. This Portable App can be used to synchronize file and folder data between desktop computers, laptops, USB devices etc.

Free USB Disk Cloning Software 🆓 HDCLone

HDCloneHDClone is a free and portable USB disk cloning software that enables users to quickly and easily clone a USB drive. It is a great tool for those who need to make an exact copy of their bootable USB drive or just want to backup their storage data.

DriverGrabber Portable Driver Backup

DiskGrabberDriverGrabber is a tiny portable utility that allows you to easily create a backup of all your important third party Windows system drivers. This

Free Backup and Sync Software ZBack

ZBack - Free Backup and Synchronization SoftwareZBack is a Portable Free Backup Utility and Synchronization Software created by David Zorc, Zagreb, Croatia. It can be used to synchronize, mirror or backup directories, files or entire drives.

Driver Backup - Save Drivers Before Formatting

Driver Backup - Saving Device DriversDriver Backup is a Free and Portable Driver Saving Tool. It can be used to backup your hardware device drivers on a Windows PC, making it easy to reinstall those drivers in the event of a format and reinstall.

Save2FTP - FTP Backup

save2ftp-automatic-ftp-backupSave2FTP is a Free FTP Backup tool. It can be used to Backup Files and File Archives to a Remote FTP server.

Toucan - Backup Synchronize & Encrypt Data

toucan-backup-synchronize-and-encryptToucan is an open source portable app that can be used to backup, synchronize and encrypt your data. Synchronizing options include copy, update, mirror and equalize.

IdleBackup - Auto Backup Software

idlebackup-automated-backup-toolIdleBackup is a Portable Free Auto Backup Software utility. It can be used to mirror or  automatically backup folders, files or even entire drives on a set schedule or manually.

Back4Sure - File Backup Software

Back4Sure - Backup SoftwareBack4Sure is a Portable and Free File Backup Software created by Ulrich Krebs. It offers users the ability to quickly backup files, directories, or entire drive contents with ease.

Bit Copier Free File Copying Software

Free Bit CopierBit Copier is a Free File Copier created by UtilityNerd. It can be used as a file backup tool to copy files, folders, or even complete drives bit by bit to another destination or location.

Boot Sector Explorer | Backup and Restore MBR

boot-sector-explorerBoot Sector Explorer is a free portable low level disk editor. It is boot sector modifying software that enables you to read and write to the boot sectors of your logical drives such as PhysicalDrive0 and the Master Boot Records (MBRs) of physical drives such as C:, D: etc.