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Backup or Synchronize Folders – WinDataReflector

WinDataReflector - Free Synchronize and Backup Tool

WinDataReflector is a Free and Portable File Synchronization and Backup Software created by Veridium. It can be used to Backup and Synchronize Folders. Features include visual comparison of files, run multiple synchronize/backup tasks at once, ability to Schedule backups or synchronizations or perform them instantly.

#1 Free Driver Backup Tool

DriverBackup is a nice driver backup tool that allows a user to create a backup of his or her hardware driver files. This free and portable tool preserves drivers of your hardware peripherals by saving them into a user specified location. You can then quickly reinstall your system hardware drivers if need be from the …

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Double Driver Backup Tool

Double Driver Backup Tool

Double Driver is a Free Driver Backup tool. It can be used to view all of the drivers installed on your computer. You can then proceed to backup drivers, restore drivers, save drivers, or print a list of chosen drivers. Installed driver details such as setup information, hardware ID, version, date, provider and class are …

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Free Backup and Sync Software ZBack

ZBack - Free Backup and Synchronization Software

ZBack is a Portable Free Backup Utility and Synchronization Software created by David Zorc, Zagreb, Croatia. It can be used to synchronize, mirror or backup directories, files or entire drives. the tool works between USB devices, internal or external disks, and mapped network drives.

USB Flash Tools – Format Backup Restore Verify

USB Flash Tools

USB Flash Tools is a toolkit that contains useful drive management utilities for flash drives or flash memory cards. Key features include the ability to create a backup image of a USB flash drive or restore a backup image to USB. Securely erase a USB drive by overwriting content, making data irretrievable.

Allway Sync – Free File Backup Software

Allway Sync n Go - Portable Backup and Syncronization Software

Allway Sync n Go is a Free File Backup and Synchronization Software Tool. This Portable App can be used to synchronize file and folder data between desktop computers, laptops, USB devices etc. Features include the ability to analyze and sync data within two selected paths, sync direction, multiple jobs, sync multiple folders and, multilingual support.

USB Image Tool

USB Image Tool is a Free tool that can create exact backup USB images of  your removable USB Flash Drives or MP3 players.  The Flash Backup image of your USB Flash Drive or MP3 player can then be restored back to the same device or copied to another USB device. One great usage of the …

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Save2FTP – FTP Backup

Save2FTP is a Free FTP Backup tool. It can be used to Backup Files and File Archives to a Remote FTP server. Save2FTP enables you to zip your backups and you can schedule Automatic Backups. The application is intuitive and very easy to use. Simply click New, Enter a task description, Enter the folder path …

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Toucan – Backup, Synchronize, Encrypt

Toucan is an open source portable app that can be used to backup, synchronize and encrypt your data. Synchronizing options include copy, update, mirror and equalise. Backup and restore can be done using zip or 7-zip formats. Encrypt entire folder structures or files using AES-256 encryption via ccrypt.