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Bit Copier – Free File Copying Software

Free Bit Copier

Bit Copier is a Free File Copier created by UtilityNerd. It can be used as a File Backup Tool to copy files, folders, or even complete drives bit by bit to another destination or location. Additional options include the ability to set buffer speed for same or different drive, copy empty folders, overwrite files, and to move files instead of copying.

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Backup or Synchronize Folders – WinDataReflector

WinDataReflector - Free Synchronize and Backup Tool

WinDataReflector is a Free and Portable File Synchronization and Backup Software created by Veridium. It can be used to Backup and Synchronize Folders. Features include visual comparison of files, run multiple synchronize/backup tasks at once, ability to Schedule backups or synchronizations or perform them instantly.

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Portable Disk Clone Software – HDClone


HDClone is a Free and Portable Disk Cloning Software created by Miray Software. The Free Edition of HDClone can be used to clone an entire hard disk to another, larger medium. Sadly, the free version can not create backup image copies of an entire Windows system volume while Windows is still running (backup windows while running). HDClone is still a great software tool to use for cloning from one disk to another.

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Free Backup and Sync Software – ZBack

ZBack - Free Backup and Synchronization Software

ZBack is a Portable Free Backup and Synchronization Software Utility created by David Zorc, Zagreb, Croatia. ZBack can be used to Synchronize, Mirror or Backup directories, files or entire drives. ZBack works between USB, internal or external, and mapped network drives. This Freeware backup utility is portable and sports filtering, automated batch, simple sync, simple backup, and manual mode options.

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Roadkil’s Disk Image – Backup Image Software

Roadkil's Disk Image

RoadKil’s Disk Image is a Free Backup Image Software Tool created by Jason Hatley. This tool might be used to create a backup disk image “.img” file or a cloned copy of a USB, Floppy, hard drive, or partition. Disk Image can also be used to write third party and self created images back to floppy, USB, or hard disks, or effectively create a clone of a disk by using the same image on more than on disk.

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Driver Backup – Save Drivers Before Formatting

Driver Backup - Saving Device Drivers

Driver Backup is a Free and Portable Driver Saving Tool offered by Dave Hope. It can be used to backup your hardware device drivers on a Windows PC, making it easy to reinstall those drivers in the event of a format and reinstall. This tool does appear to be portable, but requires Microsoft .Net 2.0 Framework to run.

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Back4Sure – File Backup Software

Back4Sure - Backup Software

Back4Sure is a Portable and Free File Backup Software created by Ulrich Krebs. It offers users the ability to quickly backup files, directories, or entire drive contents with ease.  Additional features include the ability to compress the backup in Zip or 7z format, include or exclude by filter, cleanup, and process logging.

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Drive Image XML – Free Backup Software Utility

Drive Image XML - Free Backup Tool

Drive Image XML is Free Backup Software created by Runtime Software. This portable backup utility can be used to create a backup image of a partition or logical drive or (clone) copy directly from one drive to another. Other features include creating “hot images” from drives currently in use, schedule automatic backups, and restore backup images to the same or different drive without needing to reboot.

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Allway Sync – Free File Backup Software

Allway Sync n Go - Portable Backup and Syncronization Software

Allway Sync n Go is a Free File Backup and Synchronization Software Tool. This Portable App can be used to synchronize file and folder data between desktop computers, laptops, USB devices etc. Features include the ability to analyze and sync data within two selected paths, sync direction, multiple jobs, sync multiple folders and, multilingual support.

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IdleBackup – Auto Backup Software

IdleBackup is a Portable Free Auto Backup Software utility. It can be used to mirror or  automatically backup folders, files or even entire drives on a set schedule or manually. You can also set Idlebackup to only perform a backup while your computer is sitting Idle (not in use), hence the name Idle Backup.  The backups can be zipped to save space and a restore from backup option is also available. In addition, a log is also kept, so you can track your scheduled backups. IdleBackup minimizes to the system tray so it remains out of the way while you perform your daily routine.

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USB Flash Tools – Format Backup Restore

USB Flash Tools

USB Flash Tools is a Free toolkit containing some great tools for use with flash drives or flash memory cards. Some key features include the ability to create a backup image of a flash drive or restore a backup image. Securely erase a drive by overwriting it’s content, making data irretrievable. In addition, this software can also be used to verify and ultimately detect fake flash drives. A fake flash drive has been manipulated to display a storage capacity much higher than the drive is capable of storing. They are not usually detected by the user until the drive begins to fill beyond its actual capacity.

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Boot Sector Explorer – Backup and Restore MBR

Boot Sector Explorer is a Free Portable Software that enables you to read and write to the boot sectors of your logical drives such as PhysicalDrive0 and the Master Boot Records (MBRs) of physical drives such as C:, D: etc. It also works on USB sticks, USB External Drives, CD-ROMS and DVDs. Ultimately, Boot Sector Explorer can be used to create MBR or Boot Sector Backups and then write those backups back to the drive in the event of an infection or MBR corruption (Backup and Restore MBR).

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Double Driver – Driver Backup

Double Driver Backup Tool

Double Driver is a Free Driver Backup Utility that can be used to view all of the drivers installed on your computer and then Backup Drivers, Restore Drivers, Save Drivers or print a list of chosen drivers. Installed Driver details such as Setup Information, Hardware ID, Version, Date, Provider and Class  are displayed and can be printed for reference.

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USB Image Tool

USB Image Tool is a Free tool that can create exact backup USB images of  your removable USB Flash Drives or MP3 players.  The Flash Backup image of your USB Flash Drive or MP3 player can then be restored back to the same device or copied to another USB device. One great usage of the USB Image Tool is to create multiple music library repositories as Image backups and then simply switch between the particular image backup you wish to listen to that day or week.

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Save2FTP – FTP Backup

Save2FTP is a Free FTP Backup tool. It can be used to Backup Files and File Archives to a Remote FTP server. Save2FTP enables you to zip your backups and you can schedule Automatic Backups. The application is intuitive and very easy to use. Simply click New, Enter a task description, Enter the folder path to the file(s) you would like to backup, set your FTP desination and parameters and Save2FTP does the rest.

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Toucan – Backup, Synchronize, Encrypt

Toucan is an open source portable app that can be used to backup, synchronize and encrypt your data. Synchronizing options include copy, update, mirror and equalise. Backup and restore can be done using zip or 7-zip formats. Encrypt entire folder structures or files using AES-256 encryption via ccrypt.

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MozBackup – Portable Firefox and Thunderbird Backup Tool

MozBackup is a Free tool that can be used to backup Firefox and Thunderbird profiles. It allows a user to backup and restore bookmarks, contacts, e-mail, history, addons and extensions, cache and much more. MozBackup also allows a user to restore these profile backups. This backup tool makes it easy to move your Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird Porfiles and related information across multiple PC’s. This application requires roughly 1.26MB of free space for completely portable stand alone installation.

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Driver Backup – Portable Driver Backup Tool

DriverBackup is a nice driver backup tool that allows a user to create a backup of his or her hardware driver files. DriverBackup preserves drivers of your hardware peripherals by saving them into a user specified location. You can then quickly reinstall your system hardware drivers if need be from the saved location. This tool uses 212KB of disk space once extracted making it ideal for portable usage.

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DriverGrabber – Portable Driver Backup Utility

DriverGrabber is a tiny Utility that allows you to create a backup of all your important third party Windows system drivers. This driver backup tool can be useful for anyone that might need to reformat or reinstall Windows but doesn’t want to hunt down all of the necessary drivers at post install. DriverGrabber copies your computers third party system drivers to it’s own “Drivers” directory, making a backup that is easy to retrieve later.

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