Free USB Disk Cloning Software – HDClone

HDClone is a Portable and Free USB Disk Cloning Software created by Miray Software. The Free Edition of HDClone can also be used to clone an entire hard drive to another. You can even make clones to a larger drive. The tool can also be used for USB Cloning to make multiple copies of a flash drive.

Sadly, the free version can not create backup image copies of an entire Windows system volume while Windows is still running (backup windows while running). HDClone is still a great portable software tool to carry with you to use for USB cloning from one disk to another.

HDClone – Free USB Disk Cloning Software

HDClone - USB Disk Cloning Software

Authors Website: Project Page

Extracted Size: 38.8 MB

License: Freeware

Download: Grab this USB Disk Clone Utility

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