Free Graphic Design Software

Free Graphic Design Software. 3d modeling graphic art programs, vector tools, and visual design utilities.

Pixie Portable Color Picker

Pixie portable pixel color pickerPixie is a Free Portable Color Picker created by Nattyware. It can be used to display the HEX, HTML, RGB, CMYK, and HSV values of any pixel color presented on your computer screen or monitor.

KompoZer - Portable Web Page Editor

KompoZerKompoZer Portable is an advanced html web page editor or stand alone portable web editor that is made to run directly from a USB flash drive. It is based on and is a fork of the Nvu editor but addresses many of the bugs found in Nvu.

Image Resizer - SmillaEnlarger

smillaenlarger-image-resizerSmillaEnlarger is a Free Images Resizer that can be used to resize and enlarge or magnify images, pictures or photo's while attempting to retain the high quality of the original image file. The tool tries to prevent jagged edges and artifacts from appearing in the resulting enlarged images.

IrfanView - Free Image Editor

Free Image Viewer - IrfanViewIrfanView is a free image editor that can be used to view, edit and convert image formats. For example, you might use it to "convert images to webp" format for use on websites.

XnView - Image Viewer Converter and Resizer

XnViewXnView is an free image viewer, graphical image file converter, and batch image resizer. It can import close to 400 different picture formats and can export around 40 different formats.

FotoSketcher - Make Photos Look Hand Drawn

fotosketcherFotoSketcher is a Free photo editing tool that can be used to manipulate pictures to make them appear that they have been hand drawn or sketched by an artist. It can convert your photo's into either black and white or color drawing or painting.

MobaPhoto - Digital Photo Manager

mobaphoto-free-gallery-creatorMobaPhoto is a Free and Portable Digital Photo Manager. It allows you to create professional looking photo galleries for your website or webpages.

FastStone Portable Image Viewer

faststone-portable-image-viewer-and-editorFastStonePortable Image Vieweris a Free, fast and user friendly image browser, converter and editor. It houses many cool features such as image viewing, management, comparison, red eye removal, emailing, resizing, cropping, color adjustments, and even musical slideshow creation with transitional effects.

FastStone Photo Resizer

faststone-photo-resizer-screenshotFastStone Photo Resizer is a portable image editing tool that can be used to easily convert and resize images. In addition it can also be used to rename, crop, rotate, change color depth, add text and watermarks to images all via the easy to use GUI applet or simple drag and drop operation.

Inkscape Portable Scalable Vector Graphics Editor

inkscape-portable-vector-graphics-editorInkscape Portable is a free scalable vector graphics editor that sports drawing tool features typically found in applications like Adobe Illustrator, Xara X, CorelDraw and Freehand. Some key SVG editing features include, shapes, paths, text, clones, blending, transforms, gradients, patterns and grouping.

Pipette - Portable Color Picker

pipette color pickerPipette is another great Portable Color Picker. It enables you to get the colors from your screen, change or modify the select colors, or convert them from one color mode to another.

Font Matcher - Match a Font

matching-a-font-with-font-matcherFont Matcher is a Free portable match a font utility that enables you to identify a font from a image or picture. Font matcher accepts fonts that are in .

Fotografix - Free Photo Editor

fotografix-free-photo-editorFotografix is a Free Photo Editor that can be used to edit your Pictures, Photos or other images. The Free Image Editor works much like a minimalistic Photoshop, featuring many of the same options without the bloat.

RealWorld Paint - Portable Image Editor

realworld-paint-portable-image-editorRealWorld Paint is a Portable Image Editor or Free Photo Editor. Much like Photoshop and other high end editors, this freeware graphical editor allows users to edit pictures using layers and assign custom effects to every layer.

ColorFOff - Get Color from Screen

Get Color from Screen with ColorFOffColorFOff is an Open Source Portable Desktop Color Picker. It can be used to get the HEX color value of any pixel color presented on your screen.

Portable Scribus - Desktop Publishing Tool

portable-scribus-screenshotPortable Scribus is a stand alone, USB flash drive installable version of Scribus, the very popular open source free desktop publishing tool. This portable application makes for a great alternative to Adobe PageMaker and can be used to create professional looking documents, PDF files, newsletters, magazines and much more.

Free Graphical Art Software - Zip Art

Zip ArtZip Art is a Free Graphical Art Software Program created by Paul Friedlander. It can be used by kids and adults alike to finger paint, draw, and create beautiful artistic image designs, pictures, and drawings via various included graphical drawing tools and presets.

Free Picture Editor - PhotoFiltre

Photo Filtre - Free Image EditiorPhotoFiltre is a Free Picture Editing Software created by Antonio Da Cruz. This Portable Picture Editor can be used to quickly touch up photos, add effects, resize photos, correct red eye, white balance correction, and much more.

X-Blender - Portable 3D Creation

xblender-portable-3d-creation-toolX-Blender is based on Blender (Popular Open Source 3D Creation Software) but contains a wrapper to allow a user to run it directly from a USB drive. With this portable 3D tool, you can model, shade, render and create all kinds of 3D graphics and effects.

Icon Sushi - Image to Icon Converter

Icon SushiIcon Sushi is another great Free portable icon creation tool that can be used to convert images to icons and vice versa. It also supports Windows XP 32bit icons, Windows Vista large icons, multiple icons and more.

CatchColor - Reveal the Hex Value of any Pixel

CatchColorCatchColor is a handy little FREE portable application that can reveal the Hex value of any pixle displayed on your screen. Once the Hex value of the color you have selected is revealed, you can import or copy the Hex value to another applications or attribute it directly into code such as html.

Portable Tux Paint - Drawing Software for Kids

portable-tux-paintTux Paint is a Portable free drawing and painting program that was specifically created for young kids ages 3 and up (preschool age to k-6). This Free Drawing and Painting Software is super easy to use and incorporates an "encouraging cartoon mascot" and fun sounds to help guide your child through the program.