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GNUCash Portable Money Management Software

GnuCash Portable is a Free Financial or Money Management Software that can be run entirely from a portable device, enabling a user to take their financial data with them while on the go. GnuCash includes many of the same features and options found in paid commercial money management software. However, this software is open source and completely free.

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RQ Money – Portable Personal Finance Software

RQ Money is yet another great portable personal finance software application that can be run directly from a USB device. It uses an SQLite database to store the financial data and allows the user to print reports, export data, search the database and more. Data can be password protected as well. RQ Money is multilingual and currently supports english, czech and slovak languages.

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Money Manager Ex – Portable Personal Finance Software

Money Manager Ex is a simple, and very easy to use personal finance software that can be run directly from a portable device. This application will help users get organized and keep track of where his or her money goes. Money Manager Ex includes most of the basic features a user would need in personal finance software. it also supports 18 different languages. Best of all, it is open source and 100% FREE.

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