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Instagiffer – Animated Gif Creator

instagiffer animated gif creator

Instagiffer is a Portable and Free Animated Gif Creator. It can be used to create your own personalized animated gifs with captions from various video formats, game streams, and image formats. The program supports importing video from Youtube and other video URLs, or from locally stored files.

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File Blender – Free Media Converter

File Blender Free Media Converter

File Blender is a Portable Free Media Converter created by Danny Ben Shitrit (Sector-Seven). This command line wrapper can be used to quickly and easily convert media from one format to another. Media conversion is possible between image, video, and audio formats.  The tool can also be used to split or combine PDF or TIFF files, and encrypt + decrypt files.

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Free Audio Video Pack 2.14 – Media Converter

Free Audio Video Pack 2.14

Free Audio Video Pack is Portable Media Converter tool created by Pazera Software. This awesome collection of portable audio and video converters can convert media between just about every format. Media format conversion between AVI, MP3, MP4, FLAC, MOV, WMV, WMA, FLV, 3GP, OGG, WebM are supported.

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Free Text To Speech Converter – Kyrathasoft

Free Text to Speech

Kyrathasoft Text To Speech is Free Text To Audio Converter Software created by kyrathaba. This stand alone executable can be used to quickly and easily capture the text from any .TXT file and then render + convert it’s output into an audio .WAV file, which can then be played back on your computer using it’s native Microsoft SAPI voice.

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PSP Converter – Convert Files to PSP Format

PSP File Converter

PSP Converter Portable is a Free PSP File Converter Software Tool created by Media Converters. It can be used to quickly convert your video files or DVD’s into an “MP4” PSP compatible format that can then easily be played back on a Playstation “including PS Vita, older PSP consoles, and PS3”. PSP Converter accepts avi, mpeg, mp4, divx, xvid, rm, 3gp, flv, swf, mkv, mov, wmv, asf, m2ts, vob input formats, and converts them into an MP4 specific Playstation portable video format.

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Create a List of Songs – Album Printer

Album Printer - Create a List of Songs

Album Printer is a Freeware Portable tool created by Skwire. It can be used to create a list of all of the songs listed in a music directory, and or from individual songs that are dragged and dropped into the interface. It uses the artist and album  audio file tags for each song. Additional features include; Export to CSV file, customizable artist and album delimiter, supports reading tags from mp3, ogg, flac, wv, mpc, ape, wma, mp4, and m4a audio formats.

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Album Cover Art Downloader XUI

Album Art Downloader

Album Art Downloader XUI is a Freeware Portable Album Cover Art Downloading tool that can be used to to find, update, and download album cover art for your music collection or media library. Album Art Downloader utilizes some of the most of the popular album art sources to find your album cover art. You can search by Artist or Album Name, and you can filter by image size or cover type.

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Video Bitrate Calculator – VideoCalc

Video Bitrate Calculator - VideoCalc

VideoCalc is a Free Portable Video Bitrate Calculator created by Abelhadigital. It can be used to figure out which video bitrate you should use when encoding a movie to DVD,SVCD, or DivX to make it fit on a specified cd/dvd or other disc. It might also be used to calculate how much space will remain on the disc for other files, and can get the length of a movie directly from the file.

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Music2PC – Free Mp3 Downloader

Music2PC - Mp3 Downloads for Free

Music2PC is a freeware standalone MP3 Music Downloader created by David Hall. According to David, This non-bittorrent and non-peer-to-peer software can be used to legally get free MP3s posted via 100% Free Legal Music Sources on the Internet. Just type the name of the artist or or song you want to download, optionally choose the output destination folder, click search, and download from the results. Songs download extremely fast, and can be played back as they are downloaded.

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GSpot – Check File Codec

GSpot - Check for Missing Codecs

GSpot is a Freeware Audio Video Codec Checker created by Steve Greenberg. It can be used to quickly check which codec is required to play a select media file. GSpot will tell you if the system has the required codecs installed to play the file. Simply drag and drop the file you would like to check into the program window. Although GSpot is self executing and does run from the flash drive without installation,  it writes to registry (and some may consider it not portable).

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MP3 Quality Modifier – Bitrate Converter

MP3 Quality Modifier

MP3 Quality Modifier is a Free tool created by Kevin Schneider. Very useful for reducing the amount of space your Mp3 inventory takes up, while maintaining sound quality and ID3 tags. It enables you to edit the quality (Bitrate and Frequency) of your Mp3 files and save the converted files to a new location.

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Installed Codec

Installed Codec

Installed Codec is a Free program created by NirSoft. It enables you to view detailed information regarding exactly what Codec drivers and DirectShow filters are installed on a system. Codecs and DirectShow filters can also be enabled or disabled via the tool.

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MediaInfo – Get Tag and Codec Info of Media Files

MediaInfo - Tag and Tech Info

MediaInfo is an Open Source Tool that can be used to display tag and other techinical information about any select audio or video file. MediaInfo can also be used to locate missing codecs or find a player for the select audio/video file. Retrieved media information can also be displayed and even exported many different ways.

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TapinRadio – Internet Radio Player and Recorder

TapinRadio - Portable Internet Radio Player and Recorder

TapinRadio is an internet radio player and internet radio recorder created by Raimersoft. It sports the ability to not only play internet radio, but also record a single song, or record an audio stream with or without splitting, and even schedule time and day to start and stop recording. TapinRadio is multilingual, includes a station browser, station URL entry, station update tool, and a sleep timer.

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PlayTime – Calculate Audio Video Duration

PlayTime - Audio Video Runtime Calculator

PlayTime is a Play Time Calculator created by Skwire Empire. It can be used to calculate the total play time for most Movie and Music Files. Features include a drag and drop interface, total time of all files is calculated on the fly,  file size is also displayed, information is exportable as a CSV file. PlayTime is a lifesaver for those moments when you need to know how long that video/song or media collection is going to take to play.

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Trout – Simple Audio Player

Trout - Simple Audio Player

Trout is a Portable and Simple Audio Player created by Skwire Empire. It can be used as a simple software audio player to play AIFF, AIF, AIFC, MP1, MP2, MP3, OGA, OGG, WAV, MO3, XM, MOD, S3M, IT, MTM files. It can also play FLAC, WMA, WMP, WMV, ASF, MID, MIDI, RMI, KAR, WV, WVC, AAC, MP4, M4A, M4B, M4P, APE, AC3, SPX, TTA, OFR, MPC, ALAC with plugins. Simply load your files and let it play.

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VideoCacheView – Download Videos from Cache

VideoCacheView - Download Watched Videos

VideoCacheView is a Free Portable Video Tool created by NirSoft. After watching a video online, you might want to save the video file and watch it offline at a later point in time. VideoCacheView can be used to do just that. Play, Save, Copy, or Extract Videos stored in your Web Browser Cache after viewing or watching them online. The tool will scan the entire cache of Internet Explorer and Mozilla based Web browsers like Firefox.

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Remove Background – InstantMask

After InstantMask Clipping

InstantMask is a Free Background Removing Tool created by Clipping Path Studio. It can be used to remove the background from a picture or photo quickly and easily. Simply trace inside the image you want to keep with the green crayon, and then trace just outside of the image with the red crayon, click preview and the tool will clip the background.

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TagScanner – Music Organizer


TagScanner is a Freeware Portable Tool created by Sergey Serkov that can be used to manage your music collection. It enables users to rename music files based on tag information, generate tag information from file or folder names, import tag information from an online databases like freedb or Amazon, and much more. TagScanner Supports ID3 1.0/1.1/2.2/2.3/2.4 tags, APE v1 and v2 tags, Vorbis Comments, WMA tags and MP4(iTunes) metadata and also includes it’s own built in media player.

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Foobar2000 – Portable Audio Player

Foobar2000 - Audio Player

Foobar2000 is a small Portable freeware audio player created by Peter Pawlowski that supports the playback of many audio formats. Supported audio formats include MP3, MP4, AAC, CD Audio, WMA, Vorbis, FLAC, WavPack, WAV, AIFF, Musepack, Speex, AU, and SND. More media formats are supported by installing additional components.

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XMedia Recode – Media Converter

XMedia Recode

XMedia Recode is a Portable Freeware Video and Audio Media Converter created by Sebastian Dörfler. It can be used to convert video formats and convert audio formats from one format type to another. This can be very useful if you want to be able to play your audio and video files on multiple devices like iPod, iPhone, Zune, Samsung, SonyEricsson, Zune, PSP, Blackberry, LG, etc using a media format that those devices support.

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SE-MediaPlayer – Freeware Media Player


SE-MediaPlayer is a Freeware Media Player offered by SE-SOFT. This classic style Multi Media Player supports all modern multimedia formats. It includes an embedded media library, features built in audio and video codecs management,  can be minimized to the system tray, offers various skinned compact modes, is multilingual, and is available in a portable version.

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NexusImage – Image Viewer

nexusimage - a freeware image viewer

NexusImage is a Free Image Viewer created by JungHoon Noh (xiles). This Portable Image Viewer can be used to display JPEG, Bitmap, GIF, PNG, TIFF, ICO, WMF, and EMF image formats. The selected image appears in the preview window (along with directory name, image size and capacity). The side panel displays all additional images available from the current directory.

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Shrink Pic – Resize Pictures

Shrink Pic is a Free Picture Resizing Tool that allows you to (Shrink Pictures) and Resize Pictures. Most pictures taken with digital cameras are too large in both capacity and image dimensions to send via email or post on a website, blog or forum. With Shrink Pic, you can shrink and resize your photos via a drag and drop process.  This tool can take JPG, BMP, PNG, TIF, and GIF images and export them as JPG, BMP or PNG image files. Adjustable Compression levels allow you to create pictures ranging from 15KB to 450KB in capacity.

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iPodME – Convert Videos to iPod format

iPodME is a Portable (Media Encoder) that allows you to easily convert video files into an iPod compatible format. You can then bring those favorite videos with you on your iPod. Options include adjustable video resolution and encoding profile. Slower encoding provides better detail. By default, the new video files are exported to the same directory the executable is run from.

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iWisoft Free Video Converter

iWisoft Free Video Converter is a Free Tool that can be used to convert videos from one format to another.  The Video Converter supports just about every known format, including AVI, MPEG, WMV, DivX, XviD, MP4, H.264/AVC, AVCHD, FLV, MKV, RM, MOV, 3GP, and audio MP3, WMA, WAV, RA, M4A, AAC, AC3, OGG. Videos can be converted to video or audio formats for playback on a PC, iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, PSP, PS3, Xbox, Creative Zen, Zune, Archos or other device. You can also add watermarks and crop your videos with this Free Video Editing Utility.

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AIMP2 – Freeware Audio and Internet Radio Player

AIMP2 is a feature rich Portable Freeware Mp3 Audio and Internet Radio Player. In addition to Streaming Internet Radio, this Freeware Audio Player can play audio formats such as MP1, MP2, MP3, MPC / MP+, AAC, AC3, Ogg, FLAC,APE, WavPack, Speex, WAV, CDA, WMA, S3M, XM, MOD, IT, MO3, MTM, UMX. AIMP2 key features include skin ability, plugins, audio grabber, audio converter,  recorder, 18 band eq, playlist and more. AIMP2 is available in most languages and is considered by many to be a better audio playing software alternative than Winamp.

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Free AoA Audio Extractor – Video to MP3

AoA Audio Extractor is a Free tool that can be used to extract audio from video files “Video to Mp3” for example. It also supports extracting audio from AVI, MPEG, MPG, FLV, MOV, WMV, MP4, DAT video files and saving the extracted audio as MP3, WAV or AC3 files. Other key features include adjustable audio bitrates and audio sample rates and, the ability to select a only a portion of the video for audio extraction.

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Radio Sure – Internet Radio Player

Radio Sure (Radio?Sure!) is a Free Portable Internet Radio Player that offers access to (Stream Internet Radio) play songs from Internet Radio Stations. You can also Record Internet Music using an included Internet Radio Recorder and it allows simultaneous recording of multiple stations. Over 12000 radio stations are included with Radio Sure, supporting mp3, wma, ogg vorbis, aac+ playback formats.

Other features include; quick search for radio stations, smooth cross faded transitioning between stations, alternate skins available for free or purchase.

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X2X Free Video Flip and Rotate

Free Video Flip and Rotate is a Free software that as it’s name suggests can be used to rotate a video or flip a video clip vertically, horizontally, 90 or 180 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise. Rotated Video files can then be converted into MP4 format and played back using your favorite video player.

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