Winamp Lite - Portable MP3 Player

Winamp is probably the most popular MP3 player (Free Music Player) available. Originally created by Nullsoft, Winamp is also known as the Ultimate MP3 Player. It is not only skinnable but supports playlists, various cool plugins, a graphical equalizer, visualizations and much more. It supports the playback of AVI, NSV, WMV, MPG video files as well. Best of all Winamp can easily be made to run from your favorite USB flash drive or other portable device.

Winamp MP3 Player Screenshots:

Winamp Screenshot

Winamp Playlist Editor Screenshot

Winamp Equalizer Screenshot

Authors Website:

License: Freeware

How to Make Winamp Portable:

  1. Download "Winamp Lite"
  2. Install Winamp to the default folder I.E C:\Program Files\Winamp
  3. Copy the Winamp installation folder to your USB device
  4. Create a winamp.cmd file in your Winamp folder including the following command:

    start winamp.exe /inidir=ini

  5. Run winamp.cmd to setup the initial configuration
  6. Your prompted to run through the setup process
      • During Step 2 uncheck all Association options:

    Winamp File Associations

    • During step 3 uncheck the allow anonymous usage statistics option.
  7. Click Finish and enjoy running Winamp Portably!