Portable Web Servers

Best Free Portable Web Servers. Apache, mySQL, PHP, http server software for Windows that can be stored and run directly from a removable USB flash drive.

EasyPHP Portable WAMP Web Server

EasyPHP - Portable USB Web ServerEasyPHP is a WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP) portable web server that makes it easy to develop, test, and deploy web applications.

Tonido - Personal Web Application Server

Tonido - Access your computer from anywhereTonido is a Free Personal Web Application Server. This Intuitive Tool enables you to access and share your locally stored content directly through a web browser.

XAMPP Portable Web Server

XAMPPXAMPP portable web server. XAMPP is likely the best and most popular portable USB webserver available today.

MobaXterm Portable X server and SSH Client

MobaXterm Portable X ServerMobaXterm Portable is software that provides a terminal emulator, SSH client, and X11 server in a single portable executable. It is designed for remote access to Unix/Linux systems, but can also be used for local terminal emulation.

Lighty2Go - Portable LIMP Web Server

Lighty2Go - Portable Web ServerLighty2Go is a free and portable (LIMP) LightTPD, MySQL, PHP Web server application for Windows. It can be used to host a website, or test PHP code and MySQL database structures.

Uniform Server WAMP Portable Website Server

Uniform ServerUniform Server is a complete Windows Apache MySQL PHP (WAMP) portable server package that allows a user to run a production or live Web Server and host Websites directly from a portable device. Uniform Server also allows Web application developers to test applications made with Apache, PHP, MySQL and Perl without placing the work on a dedicated server or Webhost.

Server2Go - Portable Web Server

server2go-menu-pageServer2Go; A completely free portable web server or http server that includes Apache, MySQL, SQLite, Perl and PHP. Web applications used with Server2Go can be accessed directly from a USB flash drive or memory stick, CD ROM or self contained folder on a local hard drive.