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WinMerge – Folder Compare Freeware


WinMerge is an Open Source Folder Comparison Freeware tool. This portable differencing and merging  tool can be used to visually compare differences or changes in folder or file versions in a format that is easy to understand. WinMerge can then be used to merge or sync those changes.

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Country Codes

Country Codes

Country Codes is a Portable Country Information tool created by Saber Naeemi that can be used to find codes for over 250 countries. Available Country Code Data includes Continental Location, Top Level Domain Code, ISO number, ISO Alpha 2 and 3 Codes, IOC Code, FIPS 10-4 Code, Currency Code, Dialing Code, NDD Code, IDDD Code, Language Abbreviation, and Flag for each Country.

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DJO Portable Recipes

DJO Portable Recipes

DJO Portable Recipes is a Free Portable Recipe Software created by the DJOPAD project. It can be used to manage all of your favorite recipes. It’s Portable Recipe Database ships with over 100 recipes already included. Key features of this app include the ability to search for a particular recipe, add ingredients to a recipe, modify a recipe, add a new recipe, or delete an existing recipe, and two of my favorite features; get calorie count, and modify serving size of a recipe on the fly.

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Free Checkbook Register Software – sCheckbook

sCheckbook - Free Checkbook Register

sCheckbook is Free Portable Checkbook Register Software created by Skwire Empire. It can be used to manage and keep track of all of your checking account transactions. This Checkbook software keeps an instant balance as you log each transaction. Additional features include the ability to log multiple checking accounts, and account registers can be exported as printable CSV or HTML files.

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Birthday Tracker – Birthdays

Birthdays Tracker

Birthdays is a Birthday Tracker Application created by Skwire Empire. It can be used to help keep track of birthdays via a calendar. You simply right click within a given month, select Add Birthday and enter the Name, Month/Day/Year of the person who’s birthday you would like to keep track of. The check boxes might be used to signify that you have acknowledged a birthday (sent a gift, card, or simply said happy birthday to the recipient).

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PacBot Answers – Artificial Intelligence Prankware

PacBot - Prankware Artifical Intelligence

PacBot Answers is an Artificial Intelligence Prankware Bot created by Pijush Wares. It can be used to trick people into thinking the tool knows the answers to any question it is asked.  The Answer is hidden in the petition! You then pretend to be asking PacBot a question that you already know and have given it the answer to. Essentially fooling your friends into thinking the tool knows the answer to every question it is asked.

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Free Mutiple Timer Alarm – Ten Timer

Ten Timer Alarm notifications

Ten Timer is a Free Multiple Timer Alarm Software created by Skwire Empire. It can be used to set up to ten different timers for either countdown or count up alarms and notifications. For example, I setup Ten Timer as a “Baby Feeding Scheduler”, for establishing wake up times to feed our new baby every couple of hours. Each timer runs independently of the other, and different notifications of alarms can be set for each individual timer.

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Add Falling Snow to Desktop – DesktopSnowOK

Desktop Snow Ok - Snow Wallpaper

Desktop Snow OK is a freeware portable program created by Nenad Hrg. It can be used to Add Falling Snow to a Windows desktop or background. It’s kind of like a “Snow Screensaver” or  “Snow Wallpaper”. Options include the ability to select from different snowflakes, number of snowflakes, speed of falling snowflakes, transparency of the snow, and deactivation options via mouse events/keys. Once run, Desktop Snow OK is minimized to the task bar.

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ExeInfo – Executable Information Tool

Exe Info Tool

ExeInfo is freeware executable information tool created by NirSoft. It allows you to view detailed information about binary .exe, .dll, ocx, and driver files. Information such as file size, file creation/modification date, executable format, header information, and more is displayed.

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Synchronize Time with Atomic Clock – TimeSync


TimeSync is a Freeware Portable Time Synchronization tool created by Horst Schaeffer. It can be used to quickly synchronize your PC’s time clock with an atomic clock (NIST Internet Time Service). Multiple NIST Atomic Clock Servers are available to choose from if another one does not respond.

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LiLi – Live Linux USB Creator

Live Linux USB Creator

LiLi – Live Linux USB Creator is another nice little Live USB Builder created by Thibaut Lauzière. It can be used to make a Live Linux USB Flash Drive containing your favorite Linux Distribution. You can then Boot the Live Linux Operating System from the Flash Drive, instead of using a CD/DVD.

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Dexpot – Windows Virtual Desktop Manager

Dexpot - Windows Virtual Cube Desktop

Dexpot is a Free for personal use tool that offers the ability to manage multiple Windows Virtual Desktops. Dexpot houses many features including ability to add up to 20 custom desktops, use different settings and wallpapers for each desktop, ability to rotate desktops in a cube like manner via the dexcube windows cube desktop plugin, and more.

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Free Time Tracker

Free Time Tracker

Free Time Tracker is a Portable Time Tracking Tool created by Kviptech. Record or track how much time is spent at the computer on related activities. Applications are grouped into categories and the percentage of time spent on each is charted for reference. Could be used as a time card to monitor productivity.

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Physion – Portable Physics Simulation Software

Physion Portable Physics Simulator

Physion is a Free 2D Portable Physics Simulation Software created by Dimitris Xanthopoulos. This realistic Physics Simulator can be used to simulate the laws of Physics in an intuitive Game Like manner. Physion enables a user to experiment in a fun way, by creating scenarios which are put to the test on screen right before your eyes.

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ClipCube – Clipboard Recorder


ClipCube is a Free and Portable Clipboard Recorder or Clipboard Capturing Utility that can be stored and run entirely from a USB Drive. Once launched it resides in the system tray, keeping track of all text that has been copied to the clipboard. ClipCube boasts a very simple interface.

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Stress My PC – Computer Stress Test

Stress My PC

Stress MY PC  is a Free tool created by Nenad Hrg. It can be used to Stress the CPU, Graphics Card, and Hard Drive of your PC or Laptop. Great way to see how log your laptop battery can hold a charge, or to test if your overclocked system can remain stable without crashing under a load.

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CPU Stability Test – Processor Tester

CPU Stability Test - Processor Torture Testing

CPU Stability Test is a Free Processor Tester created by Jouni Vuorio. Used as a “CPU Torture Test” to check your computer system for stability by performing various tests. Test options include Normal, CPU Warming, and Troubleshooting. CPU Stability Test can be stored and run from a portable device.

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OpenSim – Free Portable Virtual World Server

OpenSim - Free Portable Virtual World Server

OpenSim is a Free and Portable Virtual Reality World Server. It can be used to create Simulated Virtual Worlds similar to those in SecondLife, but self hosted. OpenSim is written in C#, ships with a pre-configured sqlite database. It is also self contained and ready to run out of the box. Client connection requires that a port is opened and that the client connect via a viewer such as Hippo Viewer.

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OSForensics – Free Forensic Software

OSForensics - Portable Forensics Software Tool

OSForensics is a Free Forensic Software created by by Passmark Software. It contains an entire Forensic toolkit with the ability to create cases, discover and read files, recover deleted files, find good and bad files using known hashes, search within files and much more. OSForensics and also includes a built in tool for copying the software to a USB device, essentially creating a Portable Forensic Lab.

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Solar System Information Tool – SolarInfo

Solar and Planetary Information Tool

SolarInfo – Solar System Information is a Free and Portable Tool created by Jan Horn. This neat tool can be used to provide planetary information regarding the planets and moons in our solar system. Information such as distance from sun, size, mass, gravity, temperature, and length of a day/year.  A real selectable 3d rotating image of each planet is also displayed.

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Kalkules – Universal Scientific Calculator

Kalkules - Scientific Calculator

Kalkules (obviously derived from calculus calculator) is a Free and Portable Universal Scientific Calculator created by Jardo. This freeware calculator can evaluate whole expressions, draw function graphs, calculate in four number systems, with fractions, or polynomials and more. Supports non traditional functions that a high school or college student might encounter.

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Portable Stellarium – Planetarium Software

Stellarium Portable - Planetarium

Stellarium is Free Planetarium Software offered by that allows you to gaze at a realistic 3D view of the sky, planets, and stars by select location. Portable Stellarium is a portable wrapper offered by portable apps that enables you to take Stellarium (portable observatory) with you on a USB Flash Drive or other portable device.

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Last.FM Downloader – Download Streaming Music

Last.FM Downloader

Last.FM Downloader is a tool created by that can be used to download streaming songs similar to what you’re listening to on the Last.FM streaming music service. Key features of the Last.FM Downloader include; records or saves streamed songs as MP3 files in the destination you choose, ability to stop or skip downloads, and change the listening URL.

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Free StopWatch

Free Stopwatch

Free Stopwatch is an entirely Free and Portable Digital Stop Watch software created by Sergey Koshkin of Comfort Software Group. This Portable Stopwatch can be used to measure (in 0.01 second increments) time intervals in hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds. Simply press start to begin counting time and stop to end counting time. A lap button is also available for those that need to record lap time during a session. Recorded time can be saved to a file as well.

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TinyTask – Free Macro Recorder

TinyTask - Free Macro Recorder

TinyTask is a Free Macro Recorder created by Vista Software Inc. This small Portable Macro Recording Utility enables you to automate tasks by recording keyboard and mouse actions with the single click of a button. Those actions can then be saved, played back once, looped, or played back a set number of times. I use TinyTask Macro to automatically up repetitive skills for Online RPGs, instead of doing the grind.

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Clipboardic – Clipboard Recorder

Clipboardic - Clipboard Recorder

Clipboardic is a nifty little tool created by Nirsoft, that can be used to keep track of your Clipboard activity. It works by automatically recording Clipboard data and saving it to a Windows clipboard file (.clp). If you need to recover clipboard history, you simply select the clipboard file, and Clipboardic will display the items or information that was gathered.

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USB Port Blocker – Block USB Ports

USB Port Blocker

USB Port Blocker is a USB Port Blocking Software Tool created by Al Emran Tareq. It can be used to Disable or Block the USB Ports of a PC from being accessed by unauthorized users. USB Port Blocking can be turned On or Off via a password you set (rebooting is necessary). Useful when you do not want friends, students, employees, etc to have access to the usb ports of a given PC.

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SE-Desktop Constructor

SE Desktop Constructor

SE Desktop Constructor is a Free desktop wallpaper, clock and, calendar tool created by SE-Soft that can be stored and run from a USB Flash Drive “UFD”. SE-Desktop can be used to setup and automatically change your desktop background wallpaper, add desktop clock or calendar using presets and more.

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Balabolka – Free Text To Speech Software

Balabolka - Free Text to Speech Software

Balabolka is a Portable and Free Text To Speech (TTS) Software. It can be used to read text on screen out loud using the voices of Microsoft’s built in Speech API (SAPI). Balabolka can read the text from clipboard content, DOC, EPUB, FB2, HTML, ODT, PDF and RTF files. On screen text can be read and then saved as WAV, MP3, MP4, OGG or WMA audio files.

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DjoPad – Portable Text Editor

DjoPad - Text Editor

DjoPad is a Free and Portable Text Editor. One unique feature of DjoPad is that it can be used to export text documents to commonly used formats such as DOC, PDF, ODT and HTML. Thats right, you could use it to turn your documents into web pages or text to PDF files. Other Key features include; multi-document and tabbed support, clipboard manager, find and replace, char format,  par format, insert bullet list, insert borders and lines, insert images, set page format, and save to djo or djp proprietary formats.

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