General Flash Drive Applications

General software applications tools and utilities that can be run from USB

Virtual Floppy Drive

Virtual Floppy Drive (VFD) is a free floppy drive emulator that can be run from a portable device. This software enables a user to mount floppy images as a virtual floppy disk. The user can then directly access the contents to perform the same tasks they would from a physical floppy drive. Launch a program …

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TinyTask Free Macro Recorder

TinyTask - Free Macro Recorder

TinyTask is a Free Macro Recorder created by Vista Software Inc. It is a small Portable Macro Recording Utility that enables you to easily automate repetitive tasks. The tool works by recording keyboard and mouse actions with the single click of a button. Those keyboard and mouse actions can then be saved, played back once, …

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Virtual CD ROM

Virtual CD ROM is a Virtual CD Rom Driver utility created by Microsoft. The utility enables users to mount an ISO and use an Emulated CD Rom drive to run them. Works well when your computer doesn’t have a CD Rom Drive but you do have an ISO of the disk to use. A handy …

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ClipCube – Clipboard Recorder


ClipCube is a Free and Portable Clipboard Recorder or Clipboard Capturing Utility that can be stored and run entirely from a USB Drive. Once launched it resides in the system tray, keeping track of all text that has been copied to the clipboard. ClipCube boasts a very simple interface.

SpeedCrunch – Portable Calculator

SpeedCrunch - A Portable Calculator

SpeedCrunch is a Free Portable Calculator. Simply type the expression you want to calculate using your keyboard or point and click the buttons using your mouse (and press Enter for continuation). Expressions and calculated results are then displayed sequentially in the output Window for reference and can be copied and pasted elsewhere. Other features include; …

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KiTTY Portable SSH Client for Windows

KiTTY is a free SSH, Telnet and Rlogin client for Windows 32 bit operating systems. It is basically a fork of the popular PuTTy client. The SSH tool supports many features including portability, sessions filter, session launcher, shortcuts for predefined command, automatic login, automatic saving, session icon, separate icons for each session, quick start of …

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