General Flash Drive Applications

General software applications tools and utilities that can be run from USB

Balabolka - Free Text To Speech Software

Balabolka - Free Text to Speech SoftwareBalabolka is a Portable and Free Text To Speech (TTS) Software. It can be used to read text on screen out loud using the voices of Microsoft's built in Speech API (SAPI).

TinyTask Free Macro Recorder

TinyTask - Free Macro RecorderTinyTask is one of the most popular macro recorder for games currently available on the free market. It is easy to use and has a wide range of features that make it ideal for gamers who want to take their gaming experience to the next level.

DiskXS - Virtual Floppy Disk

diskxs-virtual-floppyDiskXS is a free virtual floppy disk drive tool that can be used to handle floppy disk images. The tool offers the ability to view, extract, import, export or delete the content of any floppy disk image that has been FAT formatted.

Windows 7 in a Box - Desktop Companion

windows-7-in-a-box-functions-menu-exampleWindows 7 in a Box is a Portable Application that attempts to puts an end to the frustration and seemingly endless searching for Windows 7 system settings and applications. This Portable Desktop Companion condenses hundreds of tools, functions, settings, folders and applications a user might find in the Windows operating system and organizes them in one easy to navigate tool.

SE-Desktop Constructor

SE Desktop ConstructorSE Desktop Constructor is a Free desktop wallpaper, clock and, calendar tool created by SE-Soft that can be stored and run from a USB Flash Drive "UFD". SE-Desktop can be used to setup and automatically change your desktop background wallpaper, add desktop clock or calendar using presets and more.

SpeedCrunch - Portable Calculator

SpeedCrunch - A Portable CalculatorSpeedCrunch is a Free Portable Calculator. Simply type the expression you want to calculate using your keyboard or point and click the buttons using your mouse (and press Enter for continuation).

Free Typing Speed Test - Rapid Typing

Rapid Typing - Test your typing skillsRapid Typing is free typing speed test software. This keyboard training tool can be used to test and sharpen your typing skills or simply help you learn to type.

NexusFont - Free Font Manager

Nexus Font - Font ManagerNexusFont is a Free font manager for Windows. This Font Manager provides a way to view, compare, and completely manage your fonts.

PuTTY Portable SSH Client

Putty PortablePuTTY Portable is a free portable version of the popular Telnet, and Rlogin, and SSH client called PuTTY. It is an open source terminal emulator, serial console, and network file transfer application that supports various network protocols.

Free Mind Brainstorming App

Free MindFree Mind is a Free Open Source Mind Mapping tool. This high productivity brainstorming app allows users to create visual diagrams to organize, brainstorm and structure new ideas.

Portable Stellarium Free Planetarium Software

Stellarium Portable - PlanetariumStellarium is free astronomy and planetarium software that allows you to gaze at a realistic 3D view of the sky, planets, and stars by select location. There is a portable wrapper for the tool that was created by John Haller.

Furniture Volume Calculator - Capital Removal

furniture-volume-calculator-screenshotThe Furniture Volume Calculator can be used to calculate the amount of space (volume) in cubic meters or cubic feet that furniture consumes. The volumetric calculation tool becomes handy when planning a move or need to store your household items.

SysExporter - Data Extraction

sysexport-screenshotSysExporter is a compact tool that enables you to export data such as files inside a folder or compressed archive, Windows event logs, Outlook email and contact information, registry values and more from just about every application that might be running on your PC. The data can be exported to a text, HTML or XML file.

HoverSnap Portable Screen Snapshot Tool

HoverSnapHoverSnap is a nice little stand alone Screen Snapshot tool that allows users to take pictures of their desktop and manipulate the output format of the Screen shot. It supports captured full screen, active window or custom area Snapshots.

Virtual Floppy Drive

virtual-floppy-driveVirtual Floppy Drive (VFD) is a free floppy drive emulator that can be run from a portable device. This software enables a user to mount floppy images as a virtual floppy disk.

NM Collector JE Lite - Portable Freeware Collection

portable-collection-screenshotNM Collector JE Lite is a Portable Freeware Collection Software (a collectors dream). It can be used as a portable database by Collectors of Coins, Stamps, Swords, Firearms, Knives, etc to keep track of their collection.

Virtual CD ROM

virtual-cdromVirtual CD ROM is a Virtual CDRom Driver utility created by Microsoft. The utility enables users to mount an ISO and use an Emulated CD Rom drive to run them.

ClipCube - Clipboard Recorder

ClipCubeClipCube is a Free and Portable Clipboard Recorder or Clipboard Capturing Utility that can be stored and run entirely from a USB Drive. Once launched it resides in the system tray, keeping track of all text that has been copied to the clipboard.

Windows in a Box - Desktop Companion

windows-in-a-box-foldersWindows in a Box is neat little portable program created by bigdaddy design, that condenses hundreds of typical Windows functions, settings and applications a Windows operating system user might use, run and adjust on a daily basis. This Portable Desktop Companion attempts to puts an end to the frustration and seemingly endless searching for system settings and applications.

Free History Eraser - Clear Typed Searches

free-history-eraserFree History Eraser is a utility that can be used to clear typed searches and securely remove traces of your internet activity. With a single click, this tool will delete or erase the Internet History or the typed urls, address bar AutoComplete and index.

Birthday Tracker - Birthdays

Birthdays TrackerBirthdays is a Birthday Tracker Application created by Skwire Empire. It can be used to help keep track of birthdays via a calendar.

Free Multiple Timer Alarm - Ten Timer

Ten Timer Alarm notificationsTen Timer is a Free Multiple Timer Alarm Software created by Skwire Empire. It can be used to set up to ten different timers for either countdown or count up alarms and notifications.

Free Time Tracker

Free Time TrackerFree Time Tracker is a Portable Time Tracking Tool created by Kviptech. Record or track how much time is spent at the computer on related activities.

Dexpot - Windows Virtual Desktop Manager

Dexpot - Windows Virtual Cube DesktopDexpot is a Free for personal use tool that offers the ability to manage multiple Windows Virtual Desktops. Dexpot houses many features including ability to add up to 20 custom desktops, use different settings and wallpapers for each desktop, ability to rotate desktops in a cube like manner via the dexcube windows cube desktop plugin, and more.

OSForensics Free Portable Forensic Software Toolkit

OSForensics - Portable Forensics SoftwareOSForensics is a free forensic software. It contains an entire forensic toolkit with the ability to create cases, discover and read files, recover deleted files, find good and bad files using known hashes, search within files and much more.

Kalkules - Universal Scientific Calculator

Kalkules - Scientific CalculatorKalkules (obviously derived from calculus calculator) is a Free and Portable Universal Scientific Calculator created by Jardo. This freeware calculator can evaluate whole expressions, draw function graphs, calculate in four number systems, with fractions, or polynomials and more.

Predator - Use USB to Lock Computer

Predator - Settings - PC LoginPredator is a Freeware PC Locking Tool. It can be used to securely lock your computer "while you're away", protecting it from prying eyes.

Celestia Portable Planetarium

Celestia PortableCelestia Portable is a stand alone version of the popular Celestia interactive space simulator program. Unlike most

ZoomIt - Zoom Tool for Windows

zoomit-a-zoom-tool-for-windowsZoomIt is a Free Portable Application that can be used as a replacement zoom tool for Windows. This screen  zooming tool functions much like like the Mac OS X zoom tool but was designed for Windows Operating Systems.

Auto Timesheet - Time Tracking Software

free-time-tracking-auto-timesheetAuto Timesheet is free "Time Tracking Software" also known as Time Logging Software that can be used to track and log time spent working on sites, files or applications. Auto Timesheet works by  monitoring the applications running on a computer and gathers information about the amount of time a user spends on each application, file or website.

ESBCalc - Scientific Calculator

esbcalc-scientific-calculatorESBCalc is a Free Scientific Calculator software that can be portably run from a USB drive in Windows. It supports Infix Notation, Brackets, Scientific Functions (Trigonometric, Hyperbolic, Logarithmic "Base 10, Base 2 & Natural"), Memory, Paper Trail, Result History List and more.

PNotes - Paperless Sticky Notes

pnotes-portable-paperless-post-it-notesPNotes (Pinned Notes or Portable Notes) are paperless sticky notes for your PC. Break away from paper reminders, throw your physical sticky notes away and replace them with virtual ones.

Stickies - Paperless Sticky Notes

stickies-paperless-post-it-notes-for-your-pcStickies are portable paperless sticky notes for your PC. No longer do you need to tape paper reminders all over your computer screen.

DigitWiz - Name to Phone Number Converter

digitwiz-running-from-usbAn alphanumeric or name to phone number converter is a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition in the business world and make sure your customers remember your contact information. It also allows you to create memorable numbers that are easy to remember and share with others.

AM Notebook - Portable Note and Spreadsheet Application

am-notebook-in-actionAM-Notebookis a portable application that allows you to create notes, encrypted notes and spreadsheets, access your address book and more all using one single tool. It also utilizes a built in alarm clock that can be used to notify you of important events.

DJO Portable Recipes

DJO Portable RecipesDJO Portable Recipes is a Free Portable Recipe Software created by the DJOPAD project. It can be used to manage all of your favorite recipes.

EPM - Era Password Manager

KeePas Password SafeEPM Era password manager is a very easy to use portable password manager that allows a user to store all of his or her personal login information, user names and passwords in one database. Making it only necessary to remember one password.

Solar System Information Tool - SolarInfo

Solar and Planetary Information ToolSolarInfo Solar System Information is a Free and Portable Tool created by Jan Horn. This neat tool can be used to provide planetary information regarding the planets and moons in our solar system.

ArtSee - Portable Picture Viewer

artsee-portable-image-viewerArtSee is a Portable Picture Viewer that can be used to display a slideshow of  pictures, photos or images  from a directory tree. The slideshow of images can be displayed full screen, as a background wallpaper and even as a screensaver.

Tiny Spell - Portable Spell Checker

tiny-spell-screenshot-checking-a-simple-text-documentTiny Spell is a free, handy, tiny and Portable Spell Checker that can be used to check the spelling within any Windows application and if necessary, correct any misspellings. It can even monitor typing on the fly and notify the user when it detects a misspelled word.

Calcute - Scientific Calculator

small-calcute-scientific-calculatorCalcute is a Free Scientific Tape Calculator or Expression Evaluator that can be stored and run from a USB device. Calcute supports many scientific functions, like logarithms and exponents, trigonometric and hyperbolic functions, normal and inverse.

Hard Disk Analyzer - Xinorbis

Xinorbis Disk AnalyserXinorbis is a Portable hard disk analyzer created by Paul alan freshney. This Free Disk Analysis tool can be used to display detailed information about the contents of a hard disk, portable drive, network drive or directory.

Qwix - XBOX Remote File Management

Qwix - XBOX File Management SoftwareQwix is a Xbox remote file management and ISO creation tool. It enables PC users that also own an Xbox to easily upload ISO files from a PC to their Xbox.

PhraseExpress - Text Replacement Utility

phraseexpress-text-replacement-in-actionPhraseExpress is a Free Portable Autotext Software (TextReplacement Utility) that can be used to organize, store and manage frequently typed text snippets (Snippet Manager) and then replace text or auto suggest text as you type (text input suggestion). Phrase Express might be used to correct typos, spelling or grammar errors, expand abbreviations, store and retrieve web links or even as a macro tool to launch applications.

Portable Twitter Client - Quitter

portable-twitter-clientQuitter is a Portable Twitter Client that can be used as an Alternate Twitter Client. Providing an alternative method to access Twitter and do your tweets, Quitter is a quiet Twitter Client that doesn't announce itself to the entire cube farm.

Glary Utilities - PC Maintenance

glary-utilitiesGlary Utilities is a Free Computer Maintenance utility that can ultimately be used to help keep your computer clean and running smoothly. Gary Utilities includes a Registry Cleaner, Shortcut Fixer, Temporary File Cleaner, Spyware Remover ,Startup Manager, and a Tracks Eraser that can be used to Remove Internet History Activity.

ByteWasher - File Cleanup

bytewasher-file-cleanupByteWasher is a Free File Cleanup Tool. This portable utility can be used to Remove Temporary Files, Remove Recent Documents, Delete Thumbnail Cache and clean up other unnecessary clutter.

Blender Portable

blender-portableBlender Portable is an Open Source 3D Creation Software created by Blender that could be stored and then run directly from a USB device. Portable Blender is an advanced graphical creation tool that enables users to render, animate, shade, composite, model and create all kinds of amazing and cool 3D graphics and animation effects.

XMIND Portable Mind Map

xmind-portable-brainstorming-softwareXMIND Portable Mind Map is popular open source mind mapping software. This easy to use and intuitive application is commonly used for brainstorming sessions, personal mind mapping or to capture knowledge and ideas for projects and project management.

iWisoft Flash SWF Downloader

screenshot-of-iwisoft-swf-downloaderiWisoft Flash SWF Downloader is a Free tool that enables you to download SWF files from a website. The SWF download tool could be used to grab embedded Flash Games, Flash Animations, Flash Movies and more.

Aciqra - Portable Planetarium

portable-planetarium-screenshotAciqra is a free Portable Planetarium Software that can be used to display a virtual real time, history or future view of the day or night sky from your location.

Clicky Gone Portable - Hide Open Windows

Clicky Gone PortableClicky Gone Portable is a Free and Portable Window Hiding Tool created by Alan Howie. It can be used to instantly hide select active windows or all open windows from view.

The Guide

the-guideThe Guide is a Free Portable Application that allows you to categorize  information in a hierarchical, tree type structure. Working much like the Help Menus or Help Guides used in common applications, the tree like organization structure could be used to create custom guides, help menus, books and more using parent level topics with child level pages.

Eigenmath - Portable MatLab

EigenmathEigenmath is basically a "Portable MatLab". This tool can help aid in solving algebra and calculus problems through the manipulation of mathematical expressions in symbolic form.

WinMerge - Folder Compare Freeware

WinMergeWinMerge is an Open Source file and folder comparison and merging tool. This portable differencing and merging tool can be used to visually compare differences or changes in folder or files in a format that is easy to understand.

PureRa - Portable File Cleaner

purera-portable-file-cleanupPureRa is an Open Source portable file cleanup tool. It can be used to remove files from your computer that many other cleaning programs overlook.

RandomNames - Random Baby Name Tool

random-names-screenshotRandom Names is a Free portable tool that can be used to randomly select a set number of baby names. It contains a database of over 7800 total names.

DjoPad - Portable Text Editor

DjoPad - Text EditorDjoPad is a Free and Portable Text Editor. One unique feature of DjoPad is that it can be used to export text documents to commonly used formats such as DOC, PDF, ODT and HTML.

gMote - Mouse Gestures

gmote-mouse-gesturesgMote is a Free Macro tool that enables a user to control their computer using Mouse Gestures. The scribbles you create with your mouse become shortcuts to frequently performed tasks.

USB Disk Ejector - Easily Remove USB Devices

usb-disk-ejector-screenshotUSB Disk Ejector is small and effective tool that allows a user to quickly remove USB devices in Windows. It has the ability to eject any USB device for safe disconnection from the system.

Day Text Converter

Day Text ConverterDay Text Converter is a simple Free Portable Text Conversion tool that enables you to Convert Text to all lower case or all upper case letters (Convert Upper Case to Lower Case and vice versa). Convert complete sentences or paragraphs on the fly without having to rewrite.

Login Tracking - Marxio Login Logger

login-tracking-with-mllMarxio Login Logger is a invisible Login Tracking,  Login Viewer and Login Logger application that allows you to track who was using your computer while you were away. The Login Tracker records the time a user logged into the computer and when the user logged out.

Marxio Timer - Scheduled Tasks

marxio-timer-scheduled-tasks-free-macro-toolMarxio Timer is a powerful portable Macro program that can be used to launch Scheduled Tasks. Tasks such as turn off or restart computer, logout user or lock workstation, hibernate or suspend computer, display text or play sound, run or close a program or process, send or press selected key combination (Macro), click mouse at selected coordinates, take desktop screenshot and much more.

What Changed - Program Installation Monitor

program-installation-monitor-what-changedWhat Changed or is a portable utility that can be used to detect changes, track modified files and registry entries during the installation of software programs. To use the tool, simply take a system snapshot, then install your software and take another snapshot to compare with the previous snapshot.

Universal Viewer - File Viewer

universalviewer-file-viewingUniversal Viewer is an Free advanced File Viewer that enables users to view a wide range of file formats. Supported viewable file formats include: Text, Binary, Hex, Unicode of unlimited size, RTF, UTF-8, RTF and UTF-8 encoded text, BMP JPG GIF PNG TGA TIFF images, AVI MPG WMV MP3 media files, HTML XML DOC XLS files and more.

XP Syspad - Portable Program Launcher

xp-syspad-portable-program-launcherXP SysPad is a portable program launcher that gives you convenient, quick and easy access nearly every feature on your PC. Easily access your applications, directories, system utilities, control panel applets, System passwords, Windows and Office product keys, running processes and much more.

EjectUSB - Safe USB Ejection Tool

ejectusbEjectUSB is a simple free portable utility that can be used to quickly close all running programs from a USB device and then eject the drive for safe removal. Eject USB will automatically attempt to close all running applications on the drive it was launched from.

USB Port Blocker - Block USB Ports

USB Port BlockerUSB Port Blocker is a USB Port Blocking Software Tool created by Al Emran Tareq. It can be used to Disable or Block the USB Ports of a PC from being accessed by unauthorized users.

Commands In Demand - Windows Commands Shortcut Tool

Commands In DemandCommands In Demand is a Portable Windows Commands Shortcut Tool created by Vasilis Stamatopoulos. It can be used to quickly access commonly used essential Windows Commands and Settings via easy to use structured navigation.

PSPad - Portable Text and Code Editor

PSPadPSPad is a simple text and code editor that can be run portably. It's a great tool to add to your collection if you spend any time editing or writing code.

Read CSV files - CSV Viewer

csv-viewerRead CSV files the way they were meant to be read with DiamondCS's portable and free CSV Viewer. Unlike reading CSV files with a text reader, CSV "Comma Separated Values" are displayed with CSView in an easy to read and understand format.

gPodder - Podcast Downloader

gPodder - Podcast Downloader AggregatorgPodder is a Free and Portable Podcast Downloader (Aggregator) created by Thomas Perl. It can be used to keep track of and download free "Podcasts" from the Internet.

Free StopWatch

Free StopwatchFree Stopwatch is an entirely Free and Portable Digital Stop Watch software created by Sergey Koshkin of Comfort Software Group. This Portable Stopwatch can be used to measure (in 0.

PC Chrono - Portable Alarm Clock

stopwatch-modePC Chrono is an all-in-one advanced portable alarm clock, stopwatch, timer and "Wake Me Up" alarm clock. The notification sound output is completely adjustable to suite the users specific needs.

Clipboardic - Clipboard Recorder

Clipboardic - Clipboard RecorderClipboardic is a nifty little tool created by Nirsoft, that can be used to keep track of your Clipboard activity. It works by automatically recording Clipboard data and saving it to a Windows clipboard file (.

Clock - Alarm Notifications Clock

Clock - Alarm NotificationsClock is a Freeware Alarm or Notification Clock created by Max2k.  You can choose between an analog or digital clock and options are set via a right click menu.

24x24 Free Button Icons

Free Icons Pack 24x2424x24 Free Button Icons is simply a compilation of Freeware icons created by Aha-Soft that can be used for personal or commercial use (see the readme in the zip for more info). Although not a portable app, you never know when these Icons might come in handy for an application or website.

Drive Manager - Drive Info Tool

disk-information-tool-drive-managerDrive Manager is a free stand alone portable drive info utility. It can be used to display, identify and manage your hard drives, CD/DVD drives, removable USB flash drives, and USB hard drives.