OSForensics – Free Forensic Software

OSForensics is a Free Forensic Software created by by Passmark Software. It contains an entire Forensic toolkit with the ability to create cases, discover and read files, recover deleted files, find good and bad files using known hashes, search within files and much more. OSForensics and also includes a built in tool for copying the software to a USB device, essentially creating a Portable Forensic Lab.

OSForensics – Portable Forensic Software Tool

OSForensics - Portable Forensic Software Lab

Authors Website: http://www.osforensics.com/index.html

License: Beta version is Freeware (at the time of this writing)

Installed Size: 33 MB

How to install and run OSForensics from a Portable USB Device

  1. Download OSForensics and run the installer, installing to your PC.
  2. Start OSForensics and select the “install to USB” option under housekeeping.
  3. Use osf.exe to run the program from your USB.