Personal Information Database Software

Personal Information Database Software that can be stored and run entirely from a removable USB device.

Exstora – Portable Day Planner


Exstora is a Portable Note Manager and Portable Day Planner. AKA: Portable Personal Organizer. Available in both the Pro and Freeware versions, Exstora enables users to keep track of daily and upcoming events via a built in calendar. Users can also jot down daily reminders, thoughts, contacts and other random notes. Moreover, reminder functionality is …

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Portable Kanban – Task Manager

Personal Kanban

Portable Kanban is a Personal Task Manager created by Dmitry Ivanov. This Portable Free Personal Electronic Kanban Software might be used to help schedule and track your daily events or tasks and to monitor assignment productivity. Features include the ability to setup topics and columns however you like, assign tasks to certain people, keep track …

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Free Address Book

Free Address Book

Free Address Book is a Portable Freeware Personal Information Manager that can be used to help you organize your contacts. Store addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, company names, country, city, state, website addresses, and email addresses of your associates and contacts. Account numbers, Tax numbers and registration numbers can also be stored for business clients …

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iDailyDiary – Portable Diary

idaily diary 3

iDailyDiary is a Free Portable Diary Software that can be used as a personal digital diary or note taking journal to log your daily thoughts and ideas. iDailyDiary utilizes a rich-text editor offering users the ability to insert pictures, URL’s, hyperlinks and much more. The diary content can even be exported in HTML format to …

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Portable Total Organizer

torganizer 5

Total Organizer allows a user to Organize and store personal information such as a contacts, notes, tasks and to-do items within an easy to navigate folder tree structure and calendar menu. Typically a user would install Total Organizer to a folder on their hard disk. But we are going to show you how to install …

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KeyNote NF – Portable NoteBook

KeyNote - Portable NoteBook

Keynote NF is a Free Portable Notebook that might also be used as a Portable Diary. Based on the original Keynote with New Features, this portable Notebook utilizes a RichText editor, built in search, and your Notes can be encrypted under file > properties using IDEA or Blowfish encryption methods. Other key features include: View/Tree …

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Golden Rules Organizer

Golden Rules Organizer

Golden Rules Organizer is a Free and Portable Personal Information Manager created by Michael Gvirtzman. It is a Personal organizer you can use to manage your daily or weekly tasks, projects, activities, contacts, schedules, plans and more. It could also be used as a personal diary or to simply keep notes in an ordered structure.

Minipad2 – Portable PIM

Minipad2 7

minipad2 is a Free Portable PIM or “Personal Information Manager” which can be used as a personal notepad, schedule reminder, calculator, program launcher, address book, dictionary and more. Minipad2 uses minimal system resources and your work is automatically saved when exiting the application and the last working state restored once the program is launched again.

MemPad – Portable Diary

portable diary mempad 8

MemPad is a Free Note Taking tool that can be used as a Portable Diary. The software offers the ability to create a tree like note taking Portable Journal structure and comes packed with features including search content, drag and drop, copy, cut, paste, undo, insert date and time, insert internal file links and external web …

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Date Reminder

Date Reminder

Date Reminder is a Freeware Portable Event Reminder Software created by Horst Schaeffer. It can be used to create reminders of events, birthdays, appointments, billings etc. Reminders can be recurring or non-recurring and you can adjust when to be reminded. It also includes launcher capability enabling you to load a file, program, email or website …

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Uk’s Kalender – Portable Calendar

Uks Kalender 9

Uk’s Kalender is a simple Portable Calendar and Event Reminder.  It can of course be used to remind you of important events, Birthdays, to do lists and daily tasks. The Calendar utilizes it’s own database.  Key features include; repeating events, option to set event duration, forwarn time with snooze function, selectable icons, auto insertion of …

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Rainlendar – Portable Calendar

rainlendar 10

Rainlendar is a Free Portable Calendar, portable task and event or appointment manager. It can be used to organize your daily tasks, events, notes or appointments and can be set to remind you of those tasks or events. Rainlendar utilizes a standard iCalendar format to store tasks, making it simple to transfer tasks between applications. …

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