Minipad2 - Portable PIM

minipad2 is a Free Portable PIM or Personal Information Manager which can be used as a personal notepad, schedule reminder, calculator, program launcher, address book, dictionary and more. It uses minimal system resources and your work is automatically saved when exiting the application and the last working state restored once the program is launched again.

Portable PIM | Minipad2


Minipad2 is a compact plain text note taking software that offers various functions such as notes, calculator, memo, electronic dictionary, quick launch panel, address book, text templates, and multiple clipboards. The software allows users to switch between multi tab note style and tree view note style, and it can be hidden to the edge of the desktop or minimized to the system tray when not in use. The software provides flexible option configuration, and each extension function is like a plug-in that users can choose to enable or disable.

Here is a summary of it's features:

  • Compact: Takes up minimal system resources.
  • Persistence: Automatically saves content, remembers the last state when closed.
  • Customization: Provides flexible option configuration.
  • Registry: Only adds a key value to the registry when set to start with the system.
  • Authors Website: Project Page
    This project appears to no longer be active. An archived link is being provided.
  • Developer: Nebulasoft
  • License: Freeware software; allows use, copying, distribution, and dissemination, but modifications and bundling for commercial purposes are not allowed without the author's permission.
  • Release Date: 2010-11-28
  • Supported OS: Windows
  • Downloading: You can find this Portable Information Manager here:
    Minipad2 Download