Uk's Kalender - Portable Calendar

Uk's Kalender is a simple Portable Calendar and Event Reminder. It can of course be used to remind you of important events, Birthdays, to do lists and daily tasks. The Calendar utilizes it's own database.

Uk's Kalender | A Portable Calendar

Uk's Kalender
Uk's Kalender in action

Uks Kalender is a comprehensive calendar and reminder tool with various useful capabilities. Some of its key features include:

  1. Automatic Saving: Changes are automatically saved to disk, and a backup copy is created on every program start.
  2. Undo and Redo: The program supports unlimited undo and redo functionality for most changes.
  3. Minimize to System Tray: The ability to minimize the program to the system tray for easy access.
  4. Network Support: Support for a shared event file, enabling multiple users to enter events visible to each other.
  5. Repeating Events: Flexible options for entering repeating events, with various recurrence patterns.
  6. Forewarn Time and Snooze Function: Users can set forewarn times for events and snooze reminders.
  7. Multi-Day Events: Events can have durations spanning from one minute to several days.
  8. Event Categories and Templates: Events can be organized into categories with assigned templates for settings.
  9. Acoustic Reminders: Users can be reminded of events with custom WAV files.
  10. Event-Driven Program Execution and Document Opening: Attach documents or programs to events for easy access.
  11. Marking and Hiding Events: Special events can be color-marked or hidden as needed.
  12. Four Event Views: Events can be displayed in week, fortnight, month, or year views.
  13. Tooltips for Events and Todos: Hovering over a calendar date or todo shows extended information.
  14. Configurability: Highly configurable display for events and todos, as well as a configurable tray icon.
  15. Search and Filter Functions: Users can search and filter events based on keywords, categories, states, or date ranges.
  16. Clipboard Support: Events and todos can be copied to the clipboard and pasted into word processors or the program itself.
  17. Export Options: Events and todos can be exported to HTML and CSV formats, facilitating printing and data transfer to spreadsheet programs.
  18. Holidays: Display of holidays for one or more countries, with customizable holiday modules.

It appears to be a feature-rich application, suitable for managing events, tasks, and reminders efficiently. Users in the UK and other supported countries may find it useful for organizing their schedules and staying on top of important dates and tasks.

Uk's Kalender Specifications | Official Site | Download

  • Extracted Size: 1.43MB
  • Authors Website: Project Page
  • License: Freeware
  • Supported OS: Windows
  • Download: Get this stand-alone portable calendar and event reminder here:
    UK's Kalandar Download

Make sure to get the No-Install version in your language.