Exstora - Portable Day Planner

Exstora is a portable note manager and day planner or personal organizer. Available in both pro and freeware versions, this OneNote style note keeper that enables users to keep track of daily and upcoming events via a built in calendar.

Users can also jot down daily reminders, thoughts, contacts and other random notes. Moreover, reminder functionality is included, that tells the software to remind you of an upcoming or scheduled event.

Portable Day Planner | Exstora

Portable Day Planner - Exstora Screenshot

Exstora is a personal information manager (PIM) software that helps users organize and manage their tasks, notes, and other personal information. It provides a platform for users to store and retrieve various types of data, such as notes, to-do lists, and contacts. These features collectively make for a nice note taking tool featuring capabilities suitable for organizing notes, tasks, and other data in an easy to find manner.

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