iDailyDiary - Portable Diary

iDailyDiary is a Free Portable Diary Software that can be used as a personal digital diary or note taking journal to log your daily thoughts and ideas. iDailyDiary utilizes a rich-text editor offering users the ability to insert pictures, URL's, hyperlinks and much more. The diary content can even be exported in HTML format to create your own web pages from your diary. By default, the program allows you to secure each personal diary via a password.

iDailyDiary - Portable Diary Screenshot

iDaily Diary - Portable Diary

Authors Website:

License: Freeware

How to make iDialy Diary Portable:

  1. Download iDailyDiary
  2. Double click iddfree.exe and proceed to install to the default location
  3. Copy the C:\Program Files\iDailyDiary folder to your USB device
  4. Launch the program via iDD.exe in your iDailyDiary Folder

Note: You can uninstall iDailyDiary from your PC once you have a copy on your portable device.