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Convert BIN to ISO Images – WinBin2Iso

WinBin2Iso - Bin to ISO conversion

WinBin2Iso is a Free BIN to ISO Converter created by Hrg Nenad. This ISO Creator can be used to convert BIN CD images to ISO images, and unlike some ISO BIN converters, supports file sizes beyond 2GB. WinBin2Iso is portable freeware, so you can store it on a flash drive and use it to create ISO from Bin files while on the go.
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Burrrn – Free Audio CD Burning Software

Burrrn - Free Audio CD Creator

Burrrn is a Free Audio CD Burning Software created by Gambit. It can be used to quickly and efficiently create music CDs or “Burn” and make custom Audio CDs. Wav, mp3, mpc, ogg, aac, mp4, ape, flac, ofr, wv, tta, m3u, pls and fpl playlists and cue sheets are supported.

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CBurner – Portable CD DVD Burner

CBurner - Portable CD DVD Copying Software

CBurner is a Free and Portable CD DVD Burner created by Civis Software. It can be used as stand alone disk burning software to burn ISO, UDF or CUE images or data to a disk. Other features include the ability to make backup copies of your CD or DVDs, create audio CDs or erase erasable optical disks.

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Tiny Burner Portable – Free Blu-Ray Burner

Tiny Burner Portable - Free Blu-Ray Burner

Tiny Burner Portable is a Free Blu-Ray, CD, DVD Burning Software created by Softland. Tiny Burner Portable supports popular Drives and can write to CD, DVD and Blu-ray (single and double layer). This tool can also burn ISOs to a disk, create ISO images from existing discs, and can be used as a portable backup tool to backup important file/folder data. Tiny Burner works on Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000 and 2008/2003/2000 Server.

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CDBurnerXP Portable – Free CD DVD Burner

CDBurnerXP is a Portable Free CD DVD Blu-Ray Burning Software. It can be used to burn CDs and DVDs, including Blu-Ray and HD-DVDs. The CD DVD Burning Tool offers features commonly found in purchased CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Recording Software. Examples include: Ability to burn and create ISOs, compile your own audio disks or data disks, Bin – Nrg  to ISO converter, Make ISO files from CD, Create bootable CD’s and much more. CDBurnerXP Portable is available in a stand alone version, enabling you to store and run the tool from a USB device.

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cdrtools – Portable CD DVD BluRay Recording

cdrtfe Portable CD DVD Blu Ray Recording

drtfe cdrtools frontend is a GUI for the popular cdrtools Portable CD, DVD, BluRay Recording Software. The cdrtools frontend also supports funcions from Mode2CDMaker, making it possible to produce disks that can contain 13% more data than usual. For example, you can produce a  738 MB CD instead of 650 MB CD or 795 MB CD instead of 700 MB CD.

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StarBurn Portable CD DVD HD-DVD Blu-Ray Burner

StarBurn Portable is Free Portable CD, DVD, HD DVD and Blu Ray Recording software. Produced by RocketDivision Software, StartBurn Portable is based on the StarBurn Free edition. Featuring many options most users might expect to find in comparable high end disk recording software that typically costs money.

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PowerLaser Express – Portable CD DVD Burner

PowerLaser Express is a Free Portable CD DVD Burner, another great software program for recording CD or DVD discs while on the go. Some key features of powerLaser is it’s ability to create ISO images, erase a RW (rewritable) disc, burn an ISO image to CD or DVD, and list support information about your CD DVD drive and media. PowerLaser is both tiny and easy to use.

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Amok Portable CD-DVD Burner

Amok CD-DVD Burning is a Free utility that can be used to Burn CDs or DVDs. Offering just the options you need and none of the options you dont, Amok CD-DVD Burning supports SCSI, IDE, EIDE, USB and Firewire CD or DVD Writers and can be taken with you on your portable USB device and used wherever you need it. It writes no entries to the registry, making it entirely portable by anyone’s standards.

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Infra Recorder – Portable CD and DVD Burning Tool

Infra Recorder is a powerful open source CD/DVD burning utility that allows a user to create either audio, data or mixed mode disks. Projects can be recorded to either an image file (ISO) or disk (CD/DVD). If you so desire, you can even copy an existing CD/DVD to another CD/DVD or even make a backup image file of your CD/DVD. Infra Recorder can also be used to erase rewritable discs (CDRW) using one of four different methods.

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Totally Free Burner – Portable CD DVD ISO Burner

Totally Free Burner is a Free application that allows users to Burn Audio, Video or Data CDs or DVDs quickly and easily. With Totally Free Burner, a user can create an Audio CD using mp3, wma, ogg and wav files, create a VideoCD from Mpeg1 VCD files, create a Data CD/DVD ISO9960 and Joliet (Multisession), create a Data CD/DVD UDF, create a Video DVD from existing DVD files and create a CD/DVD from BIN/ISO image directly. The application is both powerful and simple to use and most importantly, Totally Free Burner can be easily converted into a portable application.

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Deepburner – Portable CD Burner

Deepburner Portable is a lightweight, powerful yet advanced CD and DVD burning utility. It allows a user to easily burn or backup data, copy a disc, make backups, compose and create photo albums, make ISO images and Video DVDs and much more. In addition creating and printing CD/DVD labels and making autoruns with Deepburner is easy through the use of a nice GUI. The look and feel is similar to what you might find from products like Nero and AShampoo. Deepburner requires 8.71MB of free space for complete portable installation.

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SilentNight Microburner Portable CD/DVD Burner

SilentNight Microburner Portable CD/DVD Burner is a small and simple CD/DVD burner that lets you burn folders, directories, and files directly to CD or DVD. It supports wildcard based filtering and long Joliet filesystem file names, multi-session CD or DVDs, audio CDs with MP3/WAV files, Burn Proof-Just Link support and much more. Best of all SilentNight Microburner can be run directly from a portable USB flash drive.

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ImgBurn Portable CD DVD Burning Software

ImgBurn Portable. This tiny but yet powerful CD, DVD, HD DVD, Blu-ray recording tool (Portable CD DVD Burner) can be made to run from a flash drive. It can read a disk to an img file, write files from your computer directly to a disk, and even create img files from data on your computer. You can easily make ImgBurn Portable – See below. Anyone who does disk burning should add this tool to their USB Apps collection.

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Create ISO from Folder – Folder2ISO

Create an ISO from a folder or directory of files with Folder2ISO. This tiny utility allows you to create a disk image of any directory. For example, you might use it to create a backup of files on your computer. Then, you can burn the image back to a disk using a CD/DVD Burner and ISO recording software. The tool is essentially mkisofs, but with a GUI.  It supports drag and drop and can also run multiple jobs at a time. A neat little must have portable backup application.

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LC ISO Creator – Portable ISO Creation Software

Create an ISO from a CD or DVD. LC ISO Creator is portable Free ISO Maker software that allows a user to make an ISO image directly from any disk CD or DVD that is installed in the client computers CD/DVD-ROM drive. This tool makes for a great portable utility because the user can backup a CD or DVD disk to a storable ISO file which can later be burned back to a CD or DVD.
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BurnCDCC – Portable CD DVD ISO Recording Software

BurnCDCC is a CD/DVD .ISO burning/recording software utility. This tool allows users to easily create a CD or DVD from an ISO file. By storing BurnCDCC on your portable device such as a USB flash pen drive, your able to bring it with you and run it from the USB device if the computer that has a CD/DVD burner installed. Since many new computers ship with poor recording software, this makes for a nice and free alternative.

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Freac – Free Audio Converter CD Ripper Encoder

Freac Free Audio Converter Encoder

Fre:ac,  formerly BonkEnc is a free portable application that can rip CD’s and encode and convert audio files to different formats. This enables the user to play the converted audio in various hardware and software players. It can create AAC, MP3, MP4, M4A, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis and Bonk files. Fre:ac can be run from a portable device and supports twenty eight different languages via the included smooth translator utility.

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