System Hardware Information

System Information Tools that can be run from a portable USB device.

SpeedFan PC Fan Speed Controller

SpeedFan is a fan speed controller and system temperature monitor for PC. Use it to change fan speed without entering BIOS, to keep a computer from overheating. This nifty system tool can read and monitor motherboard temperatures and voltages, and then be used to adjust or control fan speeds of a computer.

AIDA32 – System Information Tool

AIDA32 System Information Tool

AIDA32 is a portable and personal system information tool. It can be used to retrieve and display detailed information regarding the hardware and software installed on a computer. It ships with a built in hardware database and can display detailed information related to the CPU, chipset, memory, motherboard, hard disks, optical drives and more. Additional …

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CrystalDiskInfo – Hard Drive Monitor

CrystalDiskInfo is a Portable Hard Drive Monitor. The Disk Monitor can be used to determine the status, temperature and overall health of your HDD or SSD drives. Crystal Disk Info also lists how many hours a hard disk has been running and the number of times that the hard drive has been powered on.

ReSysInfo – System Information Viewer for Windows

ReSysInfo is another great stand alone portable Windows System Information tool. ReSysInfo is very easy to navigate and use. It contains twenty five information modules and currently can detect most computer technologies. This tool gathers detailed system information regarding your motherboard, Bios, video, network, memory, processor and much more. Gathered information can be exported in …

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GPU-Z – Video Card Information Tool

GPU-Z is a Free and lightweight portable software utility that was created to list all of the information regarding your Video Card and Graphical Processing Unit (GPU). With GPU-Z, a user can retrieve important video card information such as; device ID, name, subvendor name, GPU and Memory clock speed, driver version, BIOS version, bus interface, …

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PC Wizard – Portable Diagnostics and Benchmarking

PC Wizard is yet another great portable diagnostics and benchmarking utility that includes some great tools. It can detect an analyze computer hardware, display complete system information and even benchmark parts of your computer system. PC Wizard is multilingual and supports English, French, German, Serbian, Slovak, Russian and Greek languages.

System Spec – Portable System Information Tool

System Spec - Portable System Information Tool

System Spec is a Portable System Information Tool created by Alex Nolan. This free portable utility provides detailed system specification and information about the Hardware and Software Installed on the PC it is run from.  The System Specs are categorized and easy to access.