HWiNFO - System Hardware Information Tool

HWiNFO is a professional system hardware information and diagnostic tool that provides comprehensive information about a computer's hardware components. It is designed to support both novice and expert users in providing accurate and detailed information about the system's configuration, performance, and stability. HWiNFO supports a wide range of hardware components, including processors, memory, storage devices, mainboards, graphics cards, audio, network, and many others. The information provided by HWiNFO can be used for a variety of purposes, such as troubleshooting, system optimization, and system upgrade planning. The software provides a user-friendly interface, as well as detailed reports that can be saved and exported in various formats.

Created by Martin Malik, this free tool comes in both 32 and 64bit versions that can be used to display detailed information about PC hardware. Use it to locate information such as cpu id, cpu type and speed, gpu id, motherboard specs, and chipset model or name.

HWinfo32 offers many of the same features found in other popular software such as SIW or AIDA32 . Additional features include benchmarking, exportable detailed reports etc. A great portable system info software to add to your collection.

System Information Tool | HWiNFO

System Hardware Information - HWiNFO32

HWiNFO System Hardware Information Specs:

Extracted Size: 2.04 MB

Authors Website: Project Page

License: Freeware (For non-commercial use).

Download: You can get this portable system info tool HERE