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Calculor – Calculator


Calculor is a free portable simple to use and straightforward calculator that calculates live answers as you type. Written by Gabriel Marie of SSPX, this calculator features an intuitive easy to navigate menu.  Supported features include; regular algebraic and trigonometric math, hex to decimal conversion, character to ascii conversion, fraction conversion and much more. The free calculation tool automatically remembers recent equations and expressions. Moreover, users can choose to have it memorize additional equations. Last but not least, this freeware scientific calculator software can also be stored and run entirely from a thumb drive, requiring no need to install it to a computer.

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On Screen Ruler – Portable Measuring Tool

On Screen Ruler

On Screen Ruler is a free portable measuring tool created by John Kummailil. It was initially created simply to teach kids about computers and software development. However, after being released with shortcuts, the software quickly grew to become a convenient, easy to use, and quite popular actual size on screen measuring ruler. One key feature of this freeware is manual calibration which can help ensure measurement efficiency due to varying screen resolutions. Additionally, cm and inch measurements are supported. Last but not least, this on screen measurement software is available in a completely portable version, requiring no installation to a PC.

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ESBCalc – Scientific Calculator

ESBCalc is a Portable and Free Scientific Calculator Software that can be run from Windows. ESBCalc supports Infix Notation, Brackets, Scientific Functions (Trigonometric, Hyperbolic, Logarithmic “Base 10, Base 2 & Natural”), Memory, Paper Trail, Result History List and more. Includes support for Prefix functions as well. Most importantly, the Scientific Calculator is Portable, so you can take it with you wherever you go on a USB device.

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ESBUnitConv – Free Conversion Tool

ESBUnitConv is a Free Conversion Tool that can be used to convert between various units of measurement. ESBUnitConv can convert measurement units for Temperature, Distance, Mass, Area, Volume, Pressure, Velocity, Acceleration, Force, Energy, Power, Fuel Consumption, Flow, Torque, Angles, Luminous Intensity, Illumination, Time, Quantity & Radioactivity.

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Converber – Unit Conversion Tool

Converber is a simple, popular and powerful unit converter. Converber can convert everything from length and force to flow and temperature. It can make easy work of conversions between 1208 various units of measure in 32 categories. And like all other portable unit conversion applications listed here, this application will fit on a USB flash drive.

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Convert – Portable Conversion tool

Convert is a unit conversion tool that can convert some of the most common units of measurement including distance, density, energy, temperature, time, speed, volume, mass, power, pressure and much more. Convert is free, tiny and very easy to use which makes it a perfect candidate to add to your USB flash drive.

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Free Unit Converter

Free Unit Converter is a Free utility that allows you to convert from one unit of measurement to another. Free Unit Converter supports up to 5000 units of measure. Some common examples include mass, distance, acceleration, volume, area, temperature, time and speed. This tool can be stored and run directly from a portable device as small as a USB flash drive.

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