Portable VNC

Portable VNC

TightVNC Portable VNC Viewer

TightVNC Portable is a popular Open Source Portable VNC Viewer that can be stored and run from a USB flash drive. Virtual Network Computing or (VNC) enables a user to view the desktop of a remote machine and control it with a the mouse and keyboard from a local machine as if you were sitting …

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RealVNC – Portable VNC Viewer

Real VNC offers a Free edition of their popular VNC Viewer that can be stored and run from a USB device as a “Portable VNC Viewer“. VNC or Virtual Network Computing, enables a user to remotely control any machine that is running a VNC Server. Please note that this application DOES save some settings to …

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ShowMyPC Free Portable VNC

ShowMyPC; A Free Portable VNC Server and Viewer all in one. This remote desktop sharing software allows for remote PC access, screen sharing, and remote support. The tool utilizes remote access technology in conjunction with a SSH forwarding client, enabling a user to share a desktop using only a password. So there is no need …

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TeamViewer Portable Remote Desktop

TeamViewer Portable

TeamViewer Portable; is a popular all in one (server and client) Portable Remote Desktop Program. It can be used for desktop remote control and desktop sharing. One key feature that differentiates Portable TeamViewer from other remote desktop utilities and tools is that it will also work behind a firewall or NAT proxy. As a result, …

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Remote Screen Capture – Kidsnapper

Kidsnapper is a Free Portable Remote Screen Capture software that can be used to send screenshots (snapshots) to a web browser running on a remote computer. Kidsnapper is good for showing things to people remotely (coworkers or customers at a remote location). Kidsnapper might also be used to monitor the activity via remote screenshots of …

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ZeroRemote Portable Remote Desktop

Portable Remote Desktop Program -USB RDP

Brynhildr formerly ZeroRemote; is a Free Portable Remote Desktop Program for Windows which includes both client and server in one package. This easy to use portable remote desktop software allows you to remotely control another computer from a USB flash drive, on the go – no matter where you are.

MultiVNC – Portable VNC Client Viewer

MultiVNC Client Viewer

MultiVNC is a cross platform Multicast enabled Portable VNC Viewer created by Christian Beier. It can be used as a stand alone VNC Client Viewer to connect to VNC Servers that are running on any supported Windows, Linux, Unix-OSX platforms.