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ChrisControl – Portable RDP + VNC Remote Control


ChrisControl is a Portable RDP + VNC Remote Control Tool. It can be used to test if a remote system is running Virtual Network Computing or Remote Desktop Protocol services via a given Host Name or IP address. If RDP or VNC services are found and the proper username and password are provided, ChrisControl attempts to connect to the remote computer. If neither RDP or VNC services are detected, ChrisControl will prompt the user to install VNC and attempt to connect.

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MobaXterm – Portable X Server and SSH Client

MobaXterm - Portable X Server

MobaXterm is a Free Portable X Server and SSH Client offered by Mobatek in either Free or paid Pro customizable versions. This enhanced terminal for Windows ships with an  embedded Portable X11 server for exporting your Linux/Unix displays, Portable network tools SSH, RDP, VNC, Telnet, Rlogin, FTP, SFTP and XDMCP for remote administration and other essential Unix/Linux commands via (GNU/Cygwin), all packed into a stand alone portable executable.

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MultiVNC – Portable VNC Client Viewer

MultiVNC Client Viewer

MultiVNC is a cross platform Multicast enabled Portable VNC Viewer created by Christian Beier. It can be used as a stand alone VNC Client Viewer to connect to VNC Servers that are running on any supported Windows, Linux, Unix-OSX platforms.

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2X-Client Portable – Remote Desktop

2x-Client Portable

2X-Client Portable is a Remote Desktop Client that can be used to connect to your Remote Desktop Servers. The Portable 2X-Client “Parallels Client” originally created by Acronis, is now offered by Parallels International and is available for download on the Parallels site. Note that only the Client is Portable and you still need Remote Desktop Server Software such as Microsoft Remote Desktop, 2X-Application Server host software or other configured on any Computers you wish to remotely connect to. Also Freeware, 2X-Application Server “Virtual Desktop Server” makes for a great alternative to Remote Desktop.

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NeoRouter Free Portable Remote Desktop

NEORouter Free Portable - Remote Desktop Client

NeoRouter Free Portable is a Freeware Remote Desktop Client created by NeoRouter Inc. It can be used for Remote Desktop, Folder Sharing, Printer Sharing, Chat and more. It supports Windows, Linux, and Mac computers. NeoRouter Free is the Server software provides the “Virtual Private Network (VPN)” and will need to be installed on computers that you will be connecting to. NeoRouter Free Portable is the client you will use to connect to those machines.

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Remote Screen Capture – Kidsnapper

Kidsnapper is a Free Portable Remote Screen Capture software that can be used to send screenshots (snapshots) to a web browser running on a remote computer. Kidsnapper is good for showing things to people remotely (coworkers or customers at a remote location). Kidsnapper might also be used to monitor the activity via remote screenshots of children on a remote computer (hence the name). Usage is simple, upon launching the program, Kidsnapper remains active as an icon in the system tray, simply double click the icon and the address is copied to your clipboard. You can past this address into a web browser at a remote computer and view the current snapshot of activity at the computer where Kidsnapper is installed. Each time the browser is refreshed, a new snapshot is taken. A very nice and simple Remote Screen Viewer indeed.

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ZeroRemote – Portable Remote Desktop

ZeroRemote is a Free tiny Portable Remote Desktop Application containing both client and server utility in a single easy to use Remote Desktop Tool. The ZeroRemote Remote Desktop Utility uses minimal system resources and supports fully encrypted remote desktop control, transfer of files, remote audio playback, and more. DirectX is used for rendering and transferred files are automatically placed in the recv subfolder.

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TeamViewer Portable Remote Desktop

TeamViewer Portable is an awesome All In One (server and client) Portable Remote Desktop Software package. It can be used for desktop remote control and desktop sharing. One key feature that differentiates Portable TeamViewer from other Remote Desktop Tools is that it will also work behind a firewall or NAT proxy. As a result, it’s easy to get your desktop up and shared quickly. Moreover this Portable Team Viewer Software is entirely free for personal use. While license purchase options are available as well for commercial use.

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ShowMyPC – Free Portable VNC

ShowMyPC is Free Desktop Sharing Software. A stand alone Portable VNC Server and Viewer all in one, ShowMyPC utilizes remote access technology in conjunction with a SSH forwarding client, enabling a user to Share Their Desktop using only a password. No Need to hand out your IP address. The remote user uses the viewer built right into the same software to access your Desktop. A clean and simple Free VNC tool.

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UltraVNC Viewer – Portable VNC Viewer

UltraVNC Viewer is an Open Source Portable VNC Viewer. This Virtual Network Computing (VNC) application can be stored on and launched directly from your USB flash device. Used to display the screen of another computer (via internet or a local network) on your own screen. You can then remotely administer the computer using your local mouse and keyboard.

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RealVNC – Portable VNC Viewer

Real VNC offers a Free edition of their popular VNC Viewer that can be stored and run from a USB device as a “Portable VNC Viewer“. VNC or Virtual Network Computing, enables a user to remotely control any machine that is running a VNC Server. Please note that this application DOES save some settings to the system registry. However, the application is a self contained executable and can be launched directly from a portable device on any Windows PC.

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TightVNC – Portable VNC Viewer

TightVNC is a popular Open Source VNC Viewer that can be stored and run as a Portable VNC Viewer. Virtual Network Computing (VNC) enables a user to view the desktop of a remote machine and control it with a the mouse and keyboard from a local machine as if you were sitting right in front of the remote computer. TightVNC is offered in a zip format which can be extracted to a folder on your USB device. The program can then be launched from the portable device at any computer.

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