ChrisControl - Portable RDP + VNC Remote Control

ChrisControl is a Portable RDP + VNC Remote Control Tool. It can be used to test if a remote system is running Virtual Network Computing or Remote Desktop Protocol services via a given Host Name or IP address. If RDP or VNC services are found and the proper username and password are provided, it attempts to connect to the remote computer. If neither RDP or VNC services are detected, it will prompt the user to install VNC and attempt to connect.

ChrisControl | Portable RDP + VNC


ChrisControl is a remote control software designed to connect to remote systems using either Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) or Virtual Network Computing (VNC). The primary purpose is to simplify the process of connecting to a remote system by automatically detecting whether RDP or VNC servers are installed and running on the remote machine.

Key features include:

  • Scanning for RDP and VNC Servers: The software scans the remote system to determine if RDP or VNC servers are installed and operational.
  • Automatic Connection: If RDP is found, it connects to the remote system using the RDP client. If VNC is found, it connects using the VNC client.
  • Dynamic Installation of VNC Server: If neither RDP nor VNC is found on the remote system, there are has a feature that prompts the user to remotely install the VNC Server. After installation, it starts and establishes a connection to the remote system via VNC.
  • Uninstallation Option: Provides the option to uninstall the VNC server from the remote system once the remote control session is finished.
  • Console Session Connection: There are two additional tickbox options. One allows the uninstallation of the VNC server after the session, and the other enables connecting to the console session of the remote system. The console session connection feature is supported by Windows XP, Windows 2003, and later versions.

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