2X Client Portable – Remote Desktop

2X Client portable is a remote desktop client that can be used to connect to your remote desktop servers. The Portable 2X-Client “Parallels Client” originally created by Acronis, is now offered by Parallels International and is available for download on the Parallels site. Note that only the Client is Portable and you still need Remote Desktop Server Software such as Microsoft Remote Desktop, 2X-Application Server host software or other configured on any Computers you wish to remotely connect to. Also Freeware, 2X-Application Server “Virtual Desktop Server” makes for a great alternative to Remote Desktop.

2X Client Portable

2x Client Portable

Extracted Size: 11.9MB

Authors Website: http://www.2x.com

License: Freeware

Download: You can Get this Portable RDC

Note: Download the stand alone zip file, not the setup executable.