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Kidsnapper is a Free Portable Remote Screen Capture software that can be used to send screenshots (snapshots) to a web browser running on a remote computer. Kidsnapper is good for showing things to people remotely (coworkers or customers at a remote location). Kidsnapper might also be used to monitor the activity via remote screenshots of children on a remote computer (hence the name). Usage is simple, upon launching the program, Kidsnapper remains active as an icon in the system tray, simply double click the icon and the address is copied to your clipboard. You can past this address into a web browser at a remote computer and view the current snapshot of activity at the computer where Kidsnapper is installed. Each time the browser is refreshed, a new snapshot is taken. A very nice and simple Remote Screen Viewer indeed.

Kidsnapper - Remote Screen Capture Software

Kidsnapper - Remote Screen Capture Software

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License: Freeware

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