Registry Tools

Portable Registry Browsing, Editing and Cleaning Tools

USB Oblivion - Delete USB Registry Keys

USB Oblivion - Delete USB Registry KeysUSB Oblivion is a freeware portable USB registry cleaner. The editor tool can be used to delete USB registry keys or clear the USB registry of flash drives, sd cards, and other removable storage media that have ever been connected to a PC by removing USB registry traces.

FCleaner Windows Cleaner

fcleaner-screenshotFCleaner is a Free and Portable Windows Cleaner and registry optimization tool. It can help keep your computer system running smooth, fast and at peak potential.

RegScanner Registry Viewer and Search Tool

regscanner-screenshotRegScanner; Is a Windows registry viewer or registry search tool that lets you scan the Windows registry for values that match your specified search criteria. The registry scanner will then display the search results in a list for easy viewing or editing, eliminating the need to press F3 repeatedly to find the correct value.

Free Registry Cleaner - Registry Recycler

Free Registry CleanerRegistry Recycler is a Portable Free Registry Cleaner. It can be used to quickly clean and optimize your Windows Registry in an attempt to help improve your Notebook or PC performance.

Rizone's Power Tools - Window Maintenance

rizones-power-toolsRizone's Power Tools is a free and portable tools and utilities suite. Offering an extensive set of Windows Maintenance tools at your fingertips to help you maintain your PC.

Free Registry Editor - Registry Commander

Registry Commander - A Free Registry EditorRegistry Commander is a Free Alternative Registry Editor created by Anders Jakobsen. It can be used as a replacement to the default Windows Registry Editor, RegEdit.

RegASSASSIN - Portable Registry Utility

regassassin-screenshotRegASSASSIN is a portable registry tool that can be used to remove even the most stubborn of registry key entries. It does this by resetting any of the key's permissions and then proceeds to delete the entry.

MJ Registry Watcher - Portable Registry Monitor

screenshot-of-mj-registry-monitor-portable-registry-monitorMJ Registry Watcher is a Portable Registry Montioring Tool that can monitor your system registry and then prompt you regarding any changes made to registry keys files or folders. Once running, the tool minimizes itself to the taskbar.

Quicksys RegDefrag - Portable Registry Cleaner

quicksys-regdefrag-defragQuicksys RegDefrag is a Free Portable Registry Cleaner or Portable Registry Defrag tool. It can be used to optimize and clean a system registry by removing fragments and empty space.

EasyCleaner - Windows Registry and File Cleaner

EasyCleanerEasyCleaner is a tool that can be used to remove and delete old Windows temp, backup files and registry entries that are no longer being used by your computer. It can also be used to clear internet history, remove invalid shortcuts, add or remove software or manage startup programs.

Glary Utilities - PC Maintenance

glary-utilitiesGlary Utilities is a Free Computer Maintenance utility that can ultimately be used to help keep your computer clean and running smoothly. Gary Utilities includes a Registry Cleaner, Shortcut Fixer, Temporary File Cleaner, Spyware Remover ,Startup Manager, and a Tracks Eraser that can be used to Remove Internet History Activity.

Regshot - Portable Registry Tool

regshot-screenshotRegshot is a tiny open source portable registry comparison tool. It allows a user to take a snapshot of the system registry and compare any registry modifications made after doing system changes or installing new software.

CleanAfterMe - Portable Registry Cleaner

cleanafterme-portable-registry-cleanerCleanAfterMe is a free portable registry cleaner that can be taken with you and run directly from a portable device such as a USB thumb drive. It allows a user to clean registry entries that are automatically created during your daily computer routines.