System Tools

Portable system tools to help configure your software and add or remove programs

List Large Files – Find the largest files

List Large Files is a Free Portable USB Application that can be used to find the Largest Files in Windows. The tool works by using a GetFiles method to recursively search directories on a drive. It then compiles a string list of these files and sorts the resulting list by size.

TreeSize Get Folder Size Windows 11

TreeSize Free - Sorting Largest Folders

TreeSize is a Free tool that can be used to get Folder Size in Windows or List Directory Sizes. This organized directory tree tool can be used to easily figure out which folders and sub-folders are using the most space. Find out what is taking up disk space, helping you reduce clutter on a drive.

MaxRAMFree Memory Defragmenter

MaxRAMFree - RAM Memory Defragmenter

MaxRAMFree; A Free Memory Defragmenter Tool that can be used to defragment RAM or System Memory. You can choose how much RAM you want to defrag and then Free up RAM either manually or automatically.

SpeedOut – USB Speed Test

Speedout USB Speed Test

SpeedOut is a USB Speed Test Tool. It was made solely for the purpose of USB Benchmarking. You know… to test the read and write speed of your USB Flash Drives and compare USB speeds. Similar to tools such as CrystalDiskMark, this USB Benchmark tool can be used for quickly and easily testing the speed …

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HDBench – Free Benchmark Software Utility

HDBench - Free Benchmark Software Utility

Another nice little Portable and Free Benchmarking Software Tool is HDBench. It can be used to quickly test and benchmark CPU, Memory, Video, and Disk Drive performance. Also works great for Benchmarking USB Flash Drives. Although English language support is minimal, the Benchmarking Tool appears to work well.

FCleaner Windows Cleaner

FCleaner is a Free and Portable Windows Cleaner and registry optimization tool. It can help keep your computer system running smooth, fast and at peak potential. Use it to remove unused files and remove invalid registry entries that clutter up hard drive and slow your system down.

Portable Disk Cleaner – Drive Tidy

Drive Tidy

Drive Tidy is a Freeware Portable Disk Cleaner. This Disk Cleanup Tool can be used to quickly and easily remove unnecessary files and files no longer used by your computer in an effort to help de-clutter and free up disk space. Drive Tidy is much more powerful than the standard Windows Disk Cleanup Tool.

The PC Decrapifier – Remove Bloatware

The PC Decrapifier; is an application to uninstall or remove unnecessary software (bloatware) that is included on and ships with OEM Computers. Use it to decrapify and speed up a PC by removing installed trialware and bloatware from computer manufacturers such as Dell, HP, IBM, Gateway, etc.

Rizone’s Power Tools – Window Maintenance

Rizone’s Power Tools is a free and portable tools and utilities suite. Offering an extensive set of Windows Maintenance tools at your fingertips to help you maintain your PC. It can be used to optimize memory, optimize registry, defrag a computer, perform disk cleanup, flush file buffers, access administrative tools and more.