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RED is a Free and Portable Tool that helps reduce clutter by batch deleting empty folders! It can be used to quickly and easily find and batch delete empty folders or directories. The tool works by recursively scanning for empty folders and then enables you to delete them all at once.

Remove Empty Directories | Batch Delete Empty Folders

Remove Empty Directories

About Remove Empty Directories - AKA (RED)

The Remove Empty Directories tool is a Windows based software utility developed by Jonas John that was created to automatically find and delete empty directories (folders) on your computer's file system. It simplifies the process of cleaning up your directory structure by removing folders that don't contain any files or subfolders. Here's how the RED tool works:

  1. When you run the RED tool, it starts by scanning a specified directory or drive on your computer. You can choose to scan a specific folder or an entire drive.
  2.  The tool analyzes each directory it encounters during the scan. It checks whether a directory is empty, meaning it contains no files or subdirectories. If a directory is found to be empty, it is flagged for deletion.
  3. Before actually deleting any directories, the RED tool presents you with a list of empty directories that it intends to remove. This step is crucial to avoid accidentally deleting important folders. You can review the list and decide whether you want to proceed with the deletion.
  4. Once you confirm the list of empty directories to be deleted, the RED tool removes them from your file system.
  5. The tool keeps a log of the directories it deletes, which can be useful for review and reference.
  6. The RED tool typically provides options for customizing the scan and delete process. For example, you can often choose to include hidden directories in the scan or exclude specific directories from deletion.
  7. The tool is designed to be safe and non-destructive. It won't delete non-empty directories or any files on your computer, only empty directories.

Remove Empty Directories supports multiple delete modes, individual folders can be ignored, filters can be used, and empty files can optionally be deleted.

RED Specifications and Info

Authors Website: RED Project Page
Developer: Created by Jonas John
Extracted Size: 180 KB
License: Open Source
Downloading: Download RED (grab the portable version) of this Empty Directory Finder.