MBRWizard - MBR Manager

MBRWizard is a Free Portable command line (Master Boot Record) MBR Manager created by Roger Layton. It can be used to address all types of Master Boot Record (MBR) problems. MBRWizard functions include; list MBR entries, backup a MBR, restore MBR from backup, repair MBR, list partitions, delete partitions and can even be used to create a bootable USB flash drive in Windows 7 .

MBRWizard - Master Boot Record Manager

MBRWizard - MBR Options Screenshot

MBRWiz Usage examples:

Note: These are performed via a command prompt.

Display a list of options:
MBRWiz /List

Repair MBR:
MBRWiz /Repair=1 /Disk=0

Make Active "Bootable"  Partition:
MBRWiz /Active=Yes /Disk=0 /Part=0

Create a backup of C Drive MBR:
MBRWiz /save=C:\savedMBR

Restore the C Drive MBR backup:
MBRWiz /Restore=C:\savedMBR

Hide a Partition:
MBRWiz /Hide=Yes /Disk=0 /Part=2

Delete a Partition:
MBRWiz /Part=2 Del

Extracted Size: 144KB

Authors Website: http://mbrwizard.com/index.php

License: Freeware (for personal use)

Download: Get this MBR Tool HERE