DNS Benchmark Tool

DNS Benchmark is a Benchmarking and Nameserver Testing Tool created by Steve Gibson. As the name implies, it can be used to test and measure the performance of your DNS Nameservers, and offers solutions or (conclusions) to help improve performance, if your DNS Nameservers appear to be affecting your Internet experience. The utility is tiny and can be stored on a USB flash drive.

DNS Benchmark and Nameserver Testing Tool

DNS Benchmark Tool - Nameserver Testing Software

DNS Benchmark Features

DNS Benchmark is a popular and useful tool for evaluating the performance of Domain Name System (DNS) servers. DNS is a fundamental part of the internet infrastructure that translates human-readable domain names (like www.example.com) into IP addresses (like that computers use to locate and connect to websites and services. The ulity helps users find the fastest and most reliable DNS servers for their internet connection.

DNS Benchmark is a free portable tool that can be used on Windows based systems to test and compare the performance of different DNS servers. It helps users determine which DNS servers are the fastest for their specific location and internet connection.

Features Include:

  • DNS Benchmarking: DNS Benchmark tests the response times of various DNS servers by sending queries to them and measuring the time it takes for them to respond. It collects data on both cached (already visited) and uncached (new) queries.
  • DNS Performance Comparison: The tool provides a detailed comparison of the performance of DNS servers, including charts and graphs that display response times and reliability.
  • Custom Server Address Testing: Users can add their own DNS server addresses to the benchmark, allowing them to include private or customized DNS servers in the comparison.
  • Concurrent DNS Testing: DNS Benchmark can test multiple DNS servers simultaneously, making it easy to compare the performance of a wide range of servers.

Main Benefits Include:

  • Improved Internet Speed: Using faster DNS servers can speed up web page loading times and improve overall internet speed.
  • Enhanced Privacy and Security: Some DNS servers offer better security and privacy features, such as DNS over HTTPS (DoH) or DNS over TLS (DoT). DNS Benchmark can help you identify servers that support these features.
  • DNS Reliability: Identifying reliable DNS servers can reduce the chances of experiencing DNS-related outages or issues.

It's important to note that nowadays you can also find similar tools and services available online to be used for testing DNS server performance across multiple platform.

Specifications and Download

Authors Website: Project Page
Developer: Steve Gibson of GRC
File Size: 164 KB
License: Freeware
Download: You can get this Nameserver Tester here: Download DNS Benchmark