Internet Tools

Portable Internet and Web Browser Tools

DNS Benchmark Tool

DNSBenchmark - Nameserver Testing ToolDNS Benchmark is a Benchmarking and Nameserver Testing Tool created by Steve Gibson. As the name implies, it can be used to test and measure the performance of your DNS Nameservers, and offers solutions or (conclusions) to help improve performance, if your DNS Nameservers appear to be affecting your Internet experience.

ClearProg - Clear History

clearing-history-with-clearprogClearProg is a Portable Clear History application that can be used to clear internet history, delete cookies clear typed URL searches in Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera. Not only that, the Poerful ClearProg can also clear Windows recent items list, clear temp files, clear media player history, clear office program history, empty the recycle bin, delete recent documents and much more.

Complete Internet Repair - Fix Network Problems

Complete Internet RepairComplete Internet Repair is a no nonsense portable tool created by rizonesoft. As the name suggests, it can be used to attempt to fix or repair any internet related problems with your computer, including network problems.

NetWorx - Portable Bandwidth Monitor

networx-portable-bandwidth-and-network-monitorNetWorx is a Free Portable Bandwidth Monitor and Portable Network Monitor that can be used to monitor and chart your bandwidth. It can be used to log bandwidth usage and measure the speed of your Internet or other network connection.

Google Hacks - Advanced Google Search

google-hacksGoogle Hacks: Although you can type search filters or search strings right there in Google Search, "Google Hacks is a compilation of carefully crafted Google searches that expose novel functionality from Google's search and map services." It can be used to perform Advanced Google Searches for music, applications, tools, books, view a map or time line, and perform many other specific types of searches.

Simple Ping

Simple PingSimple Ping is as the name suggests, a Ping tool created by PCWinTech. It enables you to keep an eye on your internet ping by pinging a select I Address, so that you can tell if any slow loading problems are related to your ping.

NetCheck - Internet Connection Tester

netcheckNetCheck is a Free, simple Internet Connection Tester. It can be used to "check the status of your internet connection" by attempting DNS resolve and TCP connection tests.

FlashCookiesView - View and Delete Flash Cookies

FlashCookiesViewDelete Flash Cookie Files; FlashCookiesView is a Portable Freeware Flash Cookie Viewer, Flash Cookie Deletion utility created by NirSoft. FlashCookiesView will display and allow you to delete hidden Flash Cookies (Flash Cookie Files) that are typically used for tracking purposes and stored by your Web browser.

View Firefox Download History

FirefoxDownloadsView - View Download HistoryFirefoxDownloadView is a Portable Free Software Tool offered by NirSoft. It can be used to View Firefox Download History by displaying a list of files downloaded with Firefox, along with detailed firefox download information such as; Download URL, Download Filename, Path to Download, Referrer, MIME Type, File Size, Start + End Time, Download Duration, and Download Speed.

IPInfoOffline - IP Information Tool

IPInfoOffline IP Information UtilityIPInfoOffline is a Free Portable Software that allows you to view detailed information about IP addresses, without connecting to a server on the net. Created by Nirsoft, IPInfoOffline queries a built in database containing information about each IP address.

Opera Cache View - Web Page Cache Viewer

screenshot-of-opera-cache-viewer-operacacheviewOpera Cache View is a free web page cache viewing tool that can be used to display all files stored in the cache folder of your Opera Web Browser. It can be used to display the cached URL, content type, file size, last accessed time, and last modified time.

Mozilla History View - Visited Website Log

screenshot-of-mozilla-history-viewerMozilla History View is a Free portable utility that can be used to display a list of recently visited websites or webpages. Mozilla History View works by reading the history data file of Mozilla, Firefox and Netscape browsers to display a log of the visited Web pages.

IE History View - Visited Website Log

screenshot-of-ie-history-viewerIE  History Vew is a Free portable USB tool that can be used to display the URLs that have recently been visited via the Internet Explorer Web Browser (including local paths). IE History View reads this information from the history file on your PC.

MozillaCacheView - Firefox Cache Viewer

mozilla cache viewerMozillaCacheView is a Free portable USB tool that can be used to read the cache folder, listing all files stored in the cache viewer of a Mozilla, Firefox or Netscape Web browser.