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Partition Table Editor – PTEDIT


Ptedit is a Portable Partition Table Editor. Originally created by Powerquest, it was later offered through Symantec, which now appears is discontinued. Once used to quickly and easily edit partition tables. Users could use this software to mark a partition active and also “toggle the bootable flag”. All from within Windows. A task that the …

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Notepad++ Free Portable Code Editor


Notepad++ is a Free portable code editor and text editor. Many programmers or those who dabble in program language editing can use it as a complete notepad replacement. In addition it is completely Open Source. This text editor Supports WYSIWYG. Key features also include syntax highlighting, syntax folding, multi-documents, auto completion, search and replace. Included …

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Notepad3 – Free Text Editor

notepad3 - free text editor

Notepad3 is another Free Text Editor or Free Code Editor created by Derick of Rizonesoft. This Portable Notepad is a Scintilla based text and code editor with syntax highlighting. Much like the Notepad++ Free Code Editor, Notepad3 also offers many features not included with your standard text editing software. So, if you do any code editing or programming, this …

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Hexplorer Portable Hex Editor

Hexplorer is a Portable Hex Editor. As the name implies, this free application can be used to edit hexadecimal files. One very unique feature of Hexplorer is that it offers the ability to interpret or visualize binary data in various ways. For example, it ships with a pixel viewer that can be used to display …

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Dev C++ Portable

Dev C Portable

Dev C++ Portable is essentially a Stand Alone Dev-C++ with a wrapper that allows Dev-C++ to be stored and run from a USB drive or other portable device. Dev-C++ offers a full featured Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the C/C++ programming languages. A Portable Dev C++ enables programmers to take C++ programming with them wherever …

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Frhed – Free Hex Editor

Frhed Hex Editor

Frhed is Free Hex Editor or Binary File Editor for Windows. A Portable Hex Editor version of the Frhed is also available, making the tool ideal for USB usage. Although Frhed is tiny, it packs many advanced features including; Editable file size limited only by available system memory. An option to load large files, partially. …

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HEX-ED Portable Hex Editor

hex ed

HEX-ED is a Free Portable Hex Editor that is both small and efficient. It was originally used by it’s author to modify programs written in assembler. Hex-Ed began life decades ago, as a BASIC program compiled in BASCOM under CP/M. The author has since recompiled Hex-ED in Visual C for Windows, first 16 bits and …

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Metapad – Free Text and Code Editor

Metapad - Free Portable Text Editor

Metapad is a Free Text and Code Editor created by by Alexander Davidson that can be used as a Portable Notepad replacement. Metapad will run from Windows 95/98/NT/XP/Vista/7. Key features include;  no file size limit, unix text file support, search, hyperlink support, block indent, word wrap and much more.

Rapid Environment Editor

Rapid Environment Editor

Rapid Environment Editor is a Freeware Windows Environment Variables Editor created by Oleg Danilov. Available in a portable version, this environment editor enables you to edit your environmental variables (name, type, path, etc) via an easy to use graphical underlying interface that presents system and user variable paths in a tree like fashion.

XN Resource Editor

XN Resource Editor

XN Resource Editor is a portable and Free Resource Editor and PE module explorer. This Res Editor (Resource Hacker) is an entirely portable application that can be used to view and edit .RES resource files and .EXE or .DLL PE modules. XN Resource Editor works with Windows 98, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

Portable Java – Run Java from a Flash Drive

Select File - Load Filename

Portable Java on USB. An Official Java Portable version has been created and released by Portableapps. By installing Java on your USB Flash Drive, you can bring Java with you to run your .JAR files from the Portable Java installation on your Flash Drive instead of depending on a local JRE install.