Computer Programming

Portable Programming software tools and utilities

WinSpy | Easily Find Window Properties

WinSpy++WinSpy is a free tool that can be used to find the advanced properties of a Window. It is a handy programmer's utility to have on a portable USB drive.

Notepad3 - Free Text Editor

notepad3 - free text editorNotepad3 is another Free Text Editor or Free Code Editor created by Derick of Rizonesoft. This portable notepad is a Scintilla based text and code editor with syntax highlighting.

ExamDiff - File Comparison

File Comparison with ExamDiffExamDiff is a Portable and Free File Comparison Tool that can be used to compare files to see if they are identical. It is a freeware visual file comparing application that features browse and drag and drop file comparison, can automatically detect file changes, and provides plenty of customizable display options.

HxD Portable Hex Editor

hxd-portable-hex-editor-screenshotHxD is a Portable hex editor, disk editor, memory editor, and file viewer. A popular freeware hex reader tool that has been considered by many to be one of the best for raw disk editing and modifying of (main Memory) RAM.

Decimal Basic Portable Basic Programming

decimal-basic-screenshotDecimal BASIC is a portable application that can be used as a full developmental programming environment for the BASIC programming language. The portable basic programming software comes with a built-in editor and debugger.

Akelpad - Portable Text Editor

akelpad-portable-text-editor-screenshotAkelpad is a simple to use portable text editor supporting both a single-window and "tabbed" multi-window interface, Unicode file support, multilayer undo, search and replace and more. It was built to be tiny yet fast, serving it's purpose quite well.

TextDiff - File Comparison Tool

If you are looking for a tool to compare files or text code changes, TextDiff may be the answer. As a free file comparison tool, it allows you to easily view differences between two files or compare them side-by-side.

Notepad++ Programmers Code Editor

Notepad++ Code Editor for ProgrammersNotepad++ is one of the Best text and code editor for programmers. If you do any sort of program language editing, this programmers code editor can be used in place of the limited Windows notepad, to serve as a complete standalone notepad replacement.

AutoIt Portable Basic Like Programming

autoit portableAutoIt is a portable programming language that is very similar to BASIC. This tiny basic like programming language was designed specifically for Windows GUI automation and scripting.

GUID Generator

GUID GeneratorGUID Generator is a Software ID tool. It can be used to create "Globally Unique Identifiers" (GUID).

PTEDIT Partition Table Editor

pteditPtedit is a Portable Partition Table Editor. Originally created by Powerquest, it was later offered through Symantec, which now appears to also be discontinued.

Frhed - Free Hex Editor

frhed-hex-editor-screenshotFrhed is Free Hex Editor or Binary File Editor for Windows. A Portable Hex Editor version of the Frhed is also available, making the tool ideal for USB flash drive usage.

Metapad - Free Text and Code Editor

Metapad - Free Portable Text EditorMetapad is a Free Text and Code Editor created by by Alexander Davidson that can be used as a Portable Notepad replacement. Metapad will run from Windows 95/98/NT/XP/Vista/7.

Rapid Environment Editor

Rapid Environment EditorRapid Environment Editor is a Freeware Windows Environment Variables Editor. Available in a portable version, this environment editor enables you to edit your environmental variables (name, type, path, etc) via an easy to use graphical underlying interface that presents system and user variable paths in a tree like fashion.

XN Resource Editor

XN Resource EditorXN Resource Editor is a portable and Free Resource Editor and PE module explorer. This Res Editor (Resource Hacker) is an entirely portable application that can be used to view and edit .

EditPad Lite - Portable Text Editor

editpad-lite-screenshotEditPad Lite is a FREE Portable Text Editor that was designed to be compact and offer all the basic features you might desire from a text editor. It allows you to switch between multiple open files simultaneously using tabs and features unlimited undo and redo operations.

Resource Hacker Portable - Exe Editor

resource-hackerResource Hacker is an amazing, portable, powerful freeware executable editor that can be used to view, modify, rename, add, delete, or extract the resources from 32-bit Windows "EXE" executables or "RES" resource files. The utility allows users to quickly and easily tweak an executable to add or remove features.

Free Text Editor - Crimson

crimson-text-editorCrimson Editor is an Advanced, Free Text Editor. It can be used to quickly and easily edit text files that contain code.

Depeche View - Search Text in Files

depeche-viewSearch Text in Files: Depeche View is a Free Portable Tool that enables you to search for text from all files within an entire directory tree. The Utility can search for specific text within thousands of files in just seconds.

TED Notepad - Portable Notepad

ted-notepadTED Notepad is a Free Portable Notepad. It can be used as a complete Windows Notepad replacement that does much more than allow viewing and editing of text/code.

FreeFileSync - File Compare and Sync Tool

portable-file-comparison-freefilesyncFreeFileSync is a portable file comparison or file and folder synchronization tool. It can be used to compare files or folders by file size and date or file content.

Oiko Visual CSS editor - Portable CSS

portable-css-oiko-editorOiko Visual CSS editor is a Free Portable CSS editor.  It is essentially a visual CSS editor that helps you edit or design your style sheet (CSS) code from a visual or graphical interface without the need to know code.

Base64 Decoder

Base64 DecoderBase64 Decoder is a Free and portable decoder tool. It can be used to convert base64 data back to its original source code.

WinMerge - Portable Changelog Tool

x-winmerge-screenshotWinMerge is an open source file comparison tool. This open source utility can help you visually determine differences or changes in files.