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WinSpy is a free tool that can be used to find the advanced properties of a Window. It is a handy programmer's utility to have on a portable USB drive. It can be used to capture and display the following Windows information; Control handle, Window class and name, Window procedure address, Window styles, Window class information, Window properties, Child and sibling window relationships, and Scrollbar position.

WinSpy Windows Property Finder Tool


WinSpy Features

WinSpy is a legitimate open source software utility designed for Windows system administrators and advanced users. It provides a range of tools and features that allow users to inspect and manipulate various aspects of the Windows operating system and running applications. While it has a name that contains the word spy and might sound similar to spyware, WinSpy is not malicious software; it's a legit tool to use for system analysis and debugging.
Here are some of its unique features and use cases:

  1. Window Inspection: This tool allows you to inspect and interact with windows and controls on your desktop. You can view information about window properties, including window handles, class names, text, styles, and more.
  2. Window Manipulation: It enables you to modify certain properties of windows and controls, such as changing their visibility, position, or size.
  3. Window Hierarchy: You can explore the hierarchy of windows and their parent-child relationships, helping with troubleshooting and debugging.
  4. Message Monitoring: It can intercept and display Windows messages sent to windows and controls. This is particularly useful for debugging or understanding how applications communicate.
  5. Process and Thread Information: It provides details about running processes and threads, including their IDs, names, and module information.
  6. Memory Inspection: You can examine memory regions associated with a particular process, which can be helpful for debugging memory-related issues.
  7. Spying on Messages: It allows you to spy on messages sent to Windows and controls, which can be useful for troubleshooting and understanding the behavior of applications.
  8. Windows Enumeration: it can also list all open windows and their properties, making it easier to navigate and analyze the Windows environment.

This is a powerful tool and should be used responsibly and ethically. It is intended for legitimate system administration and debugging purposes. Misusing this tool or any similar utility for malicious or unauthorized activities can have legal consequences. Always use such tools in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and with proper authorization.

WinSpy is made available as a standalone executable making it a great asset to include as part of your developer or debugging toolkits.

WinSpy Specs | Official Site | Download

  • Extracted Size: 140KB
  • Authors Site: WinSpy Project Page
  • Developer: First created and offered by Catch22
  • License: Freeware
  • Supported OS: Windows
  • Downloading: You can get this freeware Windows property finding tool here:
    WinSpy Download