USB Tools

USB flash drive tools that can be used for speed test, benchmarking, PC repair, and diagnostics.

SpeedOut – USB Speed Test

Speedout USB Speed Test

SpeedOut is a USB Speed Test Tool. It was made solely for the purpose of USB Benchmarking. You know… to test the read and write speed of your USB Flash Drives and compare USB speeds. Similar to tools such as CrystalDiskMark, this USB Benchmark tool can be used for quickly and easily testing the speed …

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USB Flash Benchmark

USB Flash Benchmark

USB Flash Benchmark is a Freeware USB Benchmarking software tool created by This portable application can be used to test and compare the Read and Write Speed of any USB Flash Drive, Thumb Drive, or even other drives. USB Benchmark Speed Testing is done via small 1KB file chunks up to large 16MB file …

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USB Flash Tools – Format Backup Restore Verify

USB Flash Tools

USB Flash Tools is a toolkit that contains useful drive management utilities for flash drives or flash memory cards. Key features include the ability to create a backup image of a USB flash drive or restore a backup image to USB. Securely erase a USB drive by overwriting content, making data irretrievable.

Create a DOS Bootable USB Flash Drive – Rufus

Rufus - Create a DOS Bootable USB

Rufus is an Open Source tool created by Pete Batard. This little gem can help you quickly create a DOS bootable USB flash drive (Boot a USB drive to DOS), and can now also create a Bootable USB from an ISO file.