USB Tools

USB flash drive tools that can be used for speed test, benchmarking, PC repair, and diagnostics.

USB Flash Benchmark

USB Flash BenchmarkUSB Flash Benchmark is a freeware USB benchmarking software tool created by

USB Oblivion - Delete USB Registry Keys

USB Oblivion - Delete USB Registry KeysUSB Oblivion is a freeware portable USB registry cleaner. The editor tool can be used to delete USB registry keys or clear the USB registry of flash drives, sd cards, and other removable storage media that have ever been connected to a PC by removing USB registry traces.

USB Raptor - Use USB to Lock PC

USB RaptorUSB Raptor is a security tool that allows you to use USB to lock your Windows PC. Helps enhance the privacy and security of a Windows system by using a USB to lock a computer.

Flip the Removable Bit | Lexar BootIt USB Format

Lexar Format and Flip Removable BitThe Lexar Bootit USB format tool created by Janaki of the Lexar support team enabled users to quickly format their jump drive. Additionally, Lexar's format tool included the ability flip the removable bit of a USB drive.

USB Flash Tools - Format Backup Restore Verify

USB Flash ToolsUSB Flash Tools is a toolkit that contains useful drive management utilities for flash drives or flash memory cards. Key features include the ability to create a backup image of a USB flash drive or restore a backup image to USB.

FakeFlashTest ✅ Detect a Fake Flash Drive

Fake Flash TestA FakeFlashTest typically refers to a test that is used to determine if a flash drive or memory card is fake or counterfeit by checking flash drive capacity. Fake flash drives and memory cards are often sold online at prices that seem too good to be true, but they have much lower storage capacities than advertised and may fail or corrupt data when used.

USBDeview - USB Device Information Tool

USBDevViewUSBDeview is a free USB Device Information Tool. This portable application can list all USB devices, and hubs that have been previously connected to your system.

CheckUDisk - USB Flashdrive Information Tool

checkudisk-usb-information-utilityCheckUDisk is a free utility that can be used to retrieve hard coded information about USB drives connected to your PC. This information includes Device Name, Drive Letter, VID and PID Numbers, Vendor ID, Product ID, Product Revision, Vendor Description, Product Description and Serial Number of the USB device.

DriveLetterView | Easily Change Drive Letters

DriveLetterView - Change or Delete Drive LettersDriveLetterView is a free and portable drive letter editing utility. This tool can be used to view drive letter assignments of all local drives, remote network drives, CD/DVD drives, and USB devices that are or have been attached to a machine.