USB Flash Benchmark

USB Flash Benchmark is a freeware USB benchmarking software tool created by This portable application can be used to test and compare the read and write speeds of any USB flash drive, thumb drive, pen drive, or even local hard drives.

USB Flash Benchmark Speed Testing Tool

This Free Benchmarking utility is shown below while speed testing a cheap Staples branded USB flash drive.

USB Flash Benchmark
USB Flash Benchmark - shown performing a speed test

USB Benchmark Speed Testing is done via small 1KB file chunks up to large 16MB file chunks. The results are graphed so you can easily see exactly how well a drive performs with varying file sizes. Optionally, you used to be able to store the results on the USBFlashSpeed website.

About USB Flash Benchmark and its Features

USB Flash Benchmark is a popular tool that can be used to assess the performance of USB flash drives. It measures various aspects of a USB flash drive's performance, including read and write speeds, access times, and other relevant metrics. Use USB Flash Benchmark to:

  • Evaluate USB speed: Determine how fast data can be read from and written to a USB flash drive. This helps users understand its data transfer capabilities.
  • Compare performance of USB drives: Compare the performance of different USB flash drives to make informed decisions when purchasing or selecting a drive for a specific task.
  • Identify flash drive bottlenecks: Discover potential bottlenecks or limitations in the USB drive's performance, which can be important when using it for tasks like transferring large files or running applications.
  • Pick the best USB drive for the task: Use benchmark results to optimize the use of USB drives for specific tasks, such as selecting the right drive for video playback, gaming, or data backup.
  • Perform read and write flash drive speed tests: USB Flash Benchmark is designed to measure the read and write speeds of USB flash drives. It performs sequential read and write tests to determine how quickly data can be read from and written to the flash drive.
  • Speed test using various file sizes: The tool uses multiple file sizes ranging from 1KB to 16MB for read/write speed test benchmarking. Enabling users to test a flash drive's performance with different file sizes, simulating various usage scenarios.
  • Graphed USB speed test results: Benchmark results are presented graphically, showing the speed (in MB/s) on one axis and file size on the other. The graphs provide a visual representation of the drive's performance with varying file sizes, over time.
  • Flash drive speed ranking: The tool ranks USB flash drives based on their benchmark results. This ranking helps users compare the performance of different drives and make informed purchasing decisions. The tool allows users to contribute their benchmark results to help build a database of performance data for different USB flash drives. A community driven approach that provides valuable insights into real world pen drive performance.
  • USB Speed data visualized: The speed testing benchmark results are presented in a clear and easy to understand format, allowing users to quickly assess the performance of their USB flash drives.
  • User friendly interface: The tool's graphical user interface is simple and user friendly, simply select your drive letter and start the benchmark test.
  • Provides detailed USB Specs: The benchmark results include detailed information about the flash drive being tested, such as its name, capacity, controller, and firmware version.

USB Flash Benchmark Specifications | Official Site | Download

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License: Freeware
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