HDBench - Free Benchmark Software Utility

Another nice little Portable and Free Benchmarking Software Tool is HDBench. It can be used to quickly test and benchmark CPU, Memory, Video, and Disk Drive performance. Also works great for Benchmarking USB Flash Drives. Although English language support is minimal, the Benchmarking Tool appears to work well.

Free Benchmark Software Utility - HDBench

HDBench - Free Benchmark Software Utility

Authors Website: http://www.hdbench.net/ja/hdbench/index.html

Extracted Size: 752 KB

License: Freeware

Download: Grab this Free Benchmarking Software Utility and system speed testing tool.

Note: If you find this tool useful, you might also want to check out the Free Benchmark Software CrystalDiskMark. I find it even better for specifically speed testing USB flash drives and hard drives.