Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

Portable (IRC) Internet Relay Chat clients, servers, utilities and text based communication tools  that use a real-time communication protocol.

ADIIRC - Internet Relay Chat Client

ADIIRC Internet Relay ChatADIIRC is a portable and free Internet Relay Chat client. IRC software that provides a real time communication protocol enabling users to participate in text based chat conversations over the Internet.

0irc - Portable IRC

0irc0irc is the smallest known (IRC) Internet Relay Chat client in the world for windows. Not only does it have a small footprint, but also contains a small set of necessary features.

MegaIRC - Portable IRC Client

MegaIRCMegaIRC is an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Client that can be used portably, Portable IRC. It allows a user to connect to any IRC network and chat with people around the world.

X-xChat - Free Portable IRC Chat Client

X-xChat - Free IRC Chat ClientX-xChat is another great Free Portable IRC Chat Client offered by winPenPack. X-xChat is essentially based on the unofficial XChat with a portable wrapper.

NetTalk Portable IRC Client

NetTalkNetTalk is a Portable Internet Relay Chat "IRC" App. Net Talk utilizes a Windows style interface, making  is easy to use.