MegaIRC - Portable IRC Client

MegaIRC is an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Client that can be used portably, Portable IRC. It allows a user to connect to any IRC network and chat with people around the world. The software contains the basic essentials of a standard IRC client.

MegaIRC Portable IRC

MegaIRC Portable

About MegaIRC and its key features

This is a Mega Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client. IRC is a real time chat protocol that has been used for online communication and even file sharing, for many years. IRC clients such as this are software applications or web based platforms that allow users to connect to IRC networks and participate in chat rooms or channels. Each IRC network may have its own set of servers and channels, and users can join discussions on various topics.

Some features of Mega Internet Relay Chat software include:

  • It can work in single window mode, meaning that all messages can be displayed in one text window.
  • Supports plugins such as IRC bots that can be used to moderate or entertain users, and collect statistics.
  • The color scheme is fully customizable, you can change the text, background, etc.
  • Users can also associate sounds with specific events and much more.

MegaIRC Specifications

Authors Website: Mega IRC Project Page
Developer: IronFist Software
License: Freeware
Downloading: Download MegaIRC Portable