Make uTorrent Portable - BitTorrent Client

Portable uTorrent? uTorrent is a super tiny peer to peer BitTorrent client with a ton of amazing features. The benefit of making a portable version is that it can be run directly from a USB flash pen drive or other portable device. This could come in handy when your on the move and need to download or resume the download of a torrent. Making uTorrent portable is simple and only requires a few steps as outlined below. Once finished, Configure your u Torrent options and preferences and your ready to start downloading torrents to and from your USB device.

uTorrent Screenshot

uTorrent Screenshot

uTorrentWebsite: Project Page

License: Freeware

How to make uTorrent Portable

  1. Create a uTorrent folder on your portable USB device
  2. Within the uTorrent folder, create a new blank text file and rename it settings.dat
  3. Download the uTorrent stand alone client and extract it to the uTorrent folder
  4. Click the uTorrent.exe to run uTorrent from your USB device.