Make BitComet Portable - BitTorrent Client

Portable BitComet? BitComet is another free BitTorrent client that can be run from a portable USB device (portable torrent). Among many features, it sports a download queue, the ability to set upload and download speed limits, resume simultaneous downloads, preview while downloading, multi section, multi peer, multi mirror downloading, and unicode support.

BitComet Portable Torrent

BitComet running portably

  • Authors Website: Project Page
  • License: Freeware for personal use

The interface is easy to understand and use making BitComet a simple software application to operate.

How to make BitComet Portable

  1. Make a BitComet folder on your flash drive or other USB device.
  2. Download BitComet zip and extract it to the folder on your USB.
  3. Click the BitComet.exe to launch the program from your thumb drive.