BitTorrent Sync - Portable

BitTorrent Sync is a Torrent style synchronizing tool. It easily allows users to synchronize files between multiple drives. BitTorrent Sync works much like cloud based storage options. However, it is Peer to Peer.

Because of this, your files are only shared on device drives that you have given access to. Rather than centrally stored on some cloud based server. Therefore files might be shared between your phone, tablet, or computers, with your friends, etc. Making for a nice P2P file synchronization tool to bring with you on your USB drive.

BitTorrent Sync | Portable

BitTorrent Sync - Portable

  • Website: Project Page
  • Developer: Created by Resilio, Inc.
  • License: Freeware for non-commercial use.

How to run BitTorrent Sync Portably

  1. Download BTSync
  2. Create a BitTorrent-Sync folder on your USB device and copy the downloaded BTSync-1.3.109.exe to this folder.
  3. Within the BitTorrent-Sync folder, create a New Text Document and name it settings.dat.
  4. Run BTSync-1.3.109.exe and select standard setup.

NOTE: Only the older version of the program can be run from a USB device. Later releases can't be run in portable mode. After installation, you can navigate to preferences and uncheck the box to "Check for updates automatically".  This should keep you from being notified to update BitTorrent Sync.