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View Recently Opened Files – RecentFilesView

Recently Opened File Viewer - RecentFilesView

RecentFilesView is a Free Portable Tool created by NirSoft that can be used to display a list of all recently opened files. The tool works by identifying files that were recorded by the operating system and saved in the registry or as as recent folder entries. You can then delete unwanted filename entries or choose to save the list as a text, html, or xml file.

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SterJo Portable Task Manager

SterJo Task Manager

SterJo Portable Task Manager is a Freeware Portable tool created by SterJo. It can be used for advanced process or task management and simple Trojan or Spyware detection. This Task Manager facilitates a means to end tasks, terminate suspicious processes, start/stop/pause/end services, and close or terminate network connections. A great Free resource to help prevent your system from unauthorized access.

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ProcessKO – Kill Running Processes

ProcessKO - Kill Running Processes

ProcessKO is a Freeware Portable Task Management tool created by Nenad Hrg of SoftwareOK. ProcessKO can be used to quickly kill any running processes (process terminator). Very useful for killing a hanging process or program, that cannot otherwise be ended or closed using Task manager.
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Stress My PC – Computer Stress Test

Stress My PC

Stress MY PC  is a Free tool created by Nenad Hrg. It can be used to Stress the CPU, Graphics Card, and Hard Drive of your PC or Laptop. Great way to see how log your laptop battery can hold a charge, or to test if your overclocked system can remain stable without crashing under a load.

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CPU Stability Test – Processor Tester

CPU Stability Test - Processor Torture Testing

CPU Stability Test is a Free Processor Tester created by Jouni Vuorio. Used as a “CPU Torture Test” to check your computer system for stability by performing various tests. Test options include Normal, CPU Warming, and Troubleshooting. CPU Stability Test can be stored and run from a portable device.

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DriveLetterView – Easily Change Drive Letters

DriveLetterView - Change or Delete Drive Letters

DriveLetterView is a Free tool created by NirSoft. This tool can be used to view drive letter assignments of all local drives,
remote network drives, CD/DVD drives, and USB devices that are or have been attached to a machine. Cool features of DriveLetterView include the ability to Change a Drive Letter of a USB Device or Network Drive or Delete USB Devices that are no longer plugged in.

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Rizone Security Restore – Repair 0×80070005 error

Rizone Security Restore

Security Restore is a Freeware Portable Tool created by Rizone. It can be used to restore Windows default security settings. Security Restore can be very useful if you are encountering 0×80070005 error messages, or if you get “You don’t have permission to …” permission error messages when trying to install, update or run programs.

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Boot Sector Explorer – Backup and Restore MBR

Boot Sector Explorer is a Free Portable Software that enables you to read and write to the boot sectors of your logical drives such as PhysicalDrive0 and the Master Boot Records (MBRs) of physical drives such as C:, D: etc. It also works on USB sticks, USB External Drives, CD-ROMS and DVDs. Ultimately, Boot Sector Explorer can be used to create MBR or Boot Sector Backups and then write those backups back to the drive in the event of an infection or MBR corruption (Backup and Restore MBR).

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Advanced Process Termination – Kill Running Processes

Advanced Process Termination is a Free Portable Software that can be used to Kill Running Processes. The tool offers many different methods that can be used to Kill Processes or Terminate Running Programs (Kill Running Tasks). In addition it can Freeze or Suspend Running Processes, Resume Suspended Processes or even attempt to Crash a Running Process or Kernel Kill the Running Process.

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Close All Windows – Close all running applications

Have you ever needed a tool that would Close all running Windows applications with a single click? Well, your in luck. Close All Windows is a Free Portable utility that enables it’s user to close all your active applications that are currently running in Windows at once. It uses no system resources because it simply sends a signal to close all open windows and then closes itself. A hot key may also be mapped, allowing for easy access to the application and it’s closing feature.

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DTaskManager – Portable Task Manager

DTaskManager is a portable Task Manager created specifically to provide advanced features that the TaskManager that ships with Windows does not provide. Some example functions include the ability to suspend and reactivate a process much like Linux does, select multiple processes to terminate at a time, no need for confirmation windows. This application requires only 180KB of free disk space for portable installation.

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a-squared HiJackFree (now called Emergency Kit?) is an informative system analysis tool that advanced users and administrators can use to help detect and then remove all types of HiJackers, Spyware, Adware, Trojans and Worms. It can be used to manage autoruns, processes and associated modules, control Browser Plugins, and view all DNS entries. This System Process tool requires 4.4MB of free disk space for installation.

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Process Explorer – Portable Task Manager

Process Explorer is a system task manager that can be used to Kill Running Tasks or Kill Running Processes that normally refuse to be killed. Process Explorer can also be used to display which running programs have a particular file or directory open. It can also display information about which handles and DLLs processes have loaded. This application requires 3.48MB of free disk space to be installed.
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THG Task Assignment Manager

THG Task Assignment Manager is a very useful utility. It can help a user to get the most out of a system running dual processors. Enabling higher levels of performance from applications and games. THG Task Assignment Manager does this by allowing the user to manually assign Processor Affinity to an application or game whenever it is run. This great tool is only 221KB extracted and makes a great addition to any Portable USB flash drive collection.

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