System Process Tools

Tools that allow a user to set an allotment to assigned system resources


hijackfree 1

a-squared HiJackFree (now called Emergency Kit?) is an informative system analysis tool that advanced users and administrators can use to help detect and then remove all types of HiJackers, Spyware, Adware, Trojans and Worms. It can be used to manage autoruns, processes and associated modules, control Browser Plugins, and view all DNS entries. This System …

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THG Task Assignment Manager

thg 5

THG Task Assignment Manager is a very useful utility. It can help a user to get the most out of a system running dual processors. Enabling higher levels of performance from applications and games. THG Task Assignment Manager does this by allowing the user to manually assign Processor Affinity to an application or game whenever …

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CPU Stability Test – Processor Tester

CPU Stability Test - Processor Torture Testing

CPU Stability Test is a Free Processor Tester. This CPU benchmark tool was originally created by Jouni Vuorio. It can be used as a “CPU Torture Test” to check the stability of your computer system. Enabling you to fix hardware problems before they potentially become catastrophic and cause data loss.

SterJo Portable Free Task Manager

SterJo Task Manager

Here’s another great Freeware Task Manager called SterJo. It can be used for advanced process or task management and simple Trojan or Spyware detection. This portable and advanced task manager facilitates a means to; end tasks, terminate suspicious processes, start/stop/pause/end services, and close or terminate network connections. A great Free resource to help prevent your …

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DTaskManager Free Task Manager

dtaskmanager 6

DTaskManager is a Free Task Manager created specifically to provide advanced features that the Task Managing tool that ships with Microsoft Windows does not provide. Some example functions include the ability to suspend and reactivate a process much like Linux does, select multiple processes to terminate at a time, no need for confirmation windows.

ProcessKO Kill Running Processes

ProcessKO - Kill Running Processes

ProcessKO is a Freeware Portable Task Management tool created by Nenad Hrg of SoftwareOK. This process terminator can be used to quickly kill any running Windows processes.