System Process Tools

Tools that allow a user to set an allotment to assigned system resources

Process Explorer Portable System Task Manager

process-explorer-screenshotProcess Explorer is a system task manager that can be used to Kill Running Tasks or Kill Running Processes that normally refuse to be killed. Process Explorer can also be used to display which running programs have a particular file or directory open.

Advanced Process Termination - Kill Running Processes

advanced-process-terminationAdvanced Process Termination is a Free Portable Software that can be used to Kill Running Processes. The tool offers many different methods that can be used to Kill Processes or Terminate Running Programs (Kill Running Tasks).

THG Task Assignment Manager

THGTHG Task Assignment Manager is a very useful utility. It can help a user to get the most out of a system running dual processors.

SterJo Portable Free Task Manager

SterJo Task ManagerHere's another great Freeware Task Manager called SterJo. It can be used for advanced process or task management and simple Trojan or Spyware detection.

DTaskManager Free Task Manager

dtaskmanager-screenshotDTaskManager is a Free Task Manager created specifically to provide advanced features that the Task Managing tool that ships with Microsoft Windows does not provide. Some example functions include the ability to suspend and reactivate a process much like Linux does, select multiple processes to terminate at a time, no need for confirmation windows.

Boot Sector Explorer - Backup and Restore MBR

boot-sector-explorerBoot Sector Explorer is a Free Portable Software that enables you to read and write to the boot sectors of your logical drives such as PhysicalDrive0 and the Master Boot Records (MBRs) of physical drives such as C:, D: etc. It also works on USB sticks, USB External Drives, CD-ROMS and DVDs.

View Recently Opened Files - RecentFilesView

Recently Opened File Viewer - RecentFilesViewRecentFilesView is a Free Portable Tool created by NirSoft that can be used to display a list of all recently opened files. The tool works by identifying files that were recorded by the operating system and saved in the registry or as as recent folder entries.

ProcessKO Kill Running Processes

ProcessKO - Kill Running ProcessesProcessKO is a Freeware Portable Task Management tool created by Nenad Hrg of SoftwareOK. This process terminator can be used to quickly kill any running Windows processes.

Stress My PC - Computer Stress Test

Stress My PCStress MY PC  is a Free tool created by Nenad Hrg. It can be used to Stress the CPU, Graphics Card, and Hard Drive of your PC or Laptop.

DriveLetterView - Easily Change Drive Letters

DriveLetterView - Change or Delete Drive LettersDriveLetterView is a Free tool created by NirSoft. This tool can be used to view drive letter assignments of all local drives, remote network drives, CD/DVD drives, and USB devices that are or have been attached to a machine.