H2testw - Test for Fake Flash Drives

H2testw can test for fake USB flash drives. A Free tool to detect fake or counterfeit USB flash drives and sd cards. It can be used to quickly check your flash memory stick for errors.

Test for Fake USB Flash Drives with H2testw

H2testw - Test USB Flash Drive for Errors

It works by filling the chosen target with test data and then reads this data back to verify it. If the thumb drive has been programmed to display the incorrect size, or if it is damaged and no longer working properly, there will be data corruption. However, if the test finishes without errors, the pen drive is likely good.

This makes for a great tool to have on hand for testing if you think your flash drive might be counterfeit and reporting the wrong capacity. Or for situations when the device has already seen a lot of use. To detect if a USB flash drive is failing or starting to wear out. This portable utility supports both the English and Deutsch languages.

Note: To avoid the risk of losing important data, you should always copy your data elsewhere before performing a test.

Key features of H2testw

Here are 8 good reasons to use H2testw to check your USB flash drive.

  1. Capacity Testing: H2testw is primarily used to test the actual capacity of flash memory devices. It writes a specific pattern of data to the device and then reads it back to verify the data integrity. This process helps determine if the device's claimed capacity matches its actual capacity.
  2. Data Verification: The tool performs a thorough data verification process after writing data to the device. It compares the read data to the original data to ensure that there are no errors or discrepancies.
  3. Detection of Fake Devices: H2testw is particularly effective at detecting fake flash drives that have been manipulated to report a larger capacity than they actually possess. If the device is fake or if its actual capacity is smaller than claimed, the test will reveal this discrepancy.
  4. Read and Write Speed Tests: In addition to drive capacity testing, it can also provide information about the read and write speeds of the flash memory device. This can be useful for assessing the overall performance of the device.
  5. User-Friendly Interface: H2testw features a straightforward and easy-to-use interface. Users simply select the device they want to test and initiate the testing process with just a few clicks.
  6. Detailed Reports: After the testing process is complete, H2testw generates a detailed report that includes information about the device's capacity, read and write speeds, and any potential errors or issues encountered during the test.
  7. Portability: H2testw is a standalone executable file, which means it doesn't require installation. Users can run it directly from the downloaded file, making it a portable tool that can be used on different computers.
  8. OS Compatibility: H2testw is compatible with various versions of Windows operating systems.

If you suspect that you have a fake or unreliable flash memory device, running a test can provide valuable insights into its true capacity and authenticity or help determine if the device is failing.

Keep in mind that this tool was designed for testing the authenticity of flash memory devices and verifying their capacity. It does not include features that can actually recover lost, corrupt, or missing data.

Specifications | Project Page | Where to Download

  • H2testw Website: Project Home Page
  • Developer: Harald Bögeholz
  • Extracted Size: 438 KB
  • License: Freeware
  • Downloading: You can grab the Fake USB flash drive detection tool here:
    H2testw download

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