H2testw Easily Test for Fake USB Flash Drives

H2testw is a free tool used to test and detect fake or counterfeit USB flash drives. The tool can check USB flash drive memory for errors. It works by filling the chosen target with test data and then reads this data back to verify it. If the thumb drive has been programmed to display the incorrect size, or if the thumb drive is damaged and no longer working properly, there will be data corruption. However, if the thumb drive is good, the test will finish without any errors.

This makes for a great tool to use to test if you think your flash drive is counterfeit and reporting the wrong capacity. Or if the device has already seen a lot of use, it can detect if the USB flash drive is failing.

The software supports both the English and Deutsch languages.

Note: To avoid the risk of losing data, you should always copy your data elsewhere before performing a test on the USB Drive.

Test for and Detect Fake USB Flash Drives with H2testw

H2testw - Test USB Flash Drive for Errors

H2testw Website: Project Home Page

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License: Freeware

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