FakeFlashTest Test for Fake Flash Drives

FakeFlashTest can be used to test for fake USB flash drives. Check if a USB flash drive or SD card is a Fake. It works by testing flash drives and SD cards to report the actual storage size. Fake drives and cards have been programmed to lie about their size. This simple tool can verify that you got what you paid for. In addition FakeFlashTest can be used as a checkpoint to tell if an SD card or flash drive is starting to go bad before any data being stored on it is at risk of corruption or total loss.

The flash drive testing tool includes two types of tests. The first is a destructive Quick Size Test which can detect if a USB flash drive is fake. Only perform this test if you have already backed up any important data stored on the drive. The second test can Test Empty Space by writing to free space on the drive until it is full. Though it is generally considered non-destructive,  if a drive is fake, you might lose data, due to corruption. So it is still a good idea to backup any important data before proceeding.

Detecting a Fake USB Flash Drive – FakeFlashTest


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