BOOTICE Partition Flash Drive - Edit Boot Sector

BOOTICE is a Flash Drive Partitioning and Boot Sector Manipulation tool created by Pauly. Users might use it to quickly Partition and Format a USB Flash Drive from Windows. USB-FDD, USB-ZIP, and USB-HDD format options are available. Additionally the tool supports the ability to mark a partition active and make it bootable. This tool can also be used to backup, restore, or modify an MBR or PBR and much more. To conclude this flash drive partitioning tool makes for a great addition to any ones collection of Free USB apps.

USB Flash Drive Partitioning and MBR Editing

This tool can also be used to try to repair a corrupted or unreadable flash drive. Those USB flash drives that your computer can no longer detect because they have been written to with low level DD type (Raw Data Writing) tools.

BOOTICE shown partitioning a USB

BOOTICE in action

Extracted Size: 136KB

Authors Website:

NOTE: It appears that this projects website is now down and this utility is no longer being updated.

License: Freeware

Alternate Download: Here is the last known version of the tool: Download BOOTICE