Hexplorer Portable Hex Editor

Hexplorer is a Portable Hex Editor similar to HxD. As the name implies, this free application can be used to edit hexadecimal files. One very unique feature of this hex editing software is that it offers the ability to interpret or visualize binary data in various ways.

Different ways of visualizing binary data? Yes, for example, it ships with a pixel viewer that can be used to display binaries as bitmaps. Another great thing about this program is that it is also open source so you can study how it works. The Free Hex editor was specifically created and designed to work under Windows, and can be made to run from s USB flash drive. Enabling you to bring it with you.

Hex Editor Portable Hexplorer

Hexplorer - Free Portable Hex Editor

License: Freeware

Authors Website: Project Page

How to Install and use Hexplorer on USB

  1. Download and run the executable, and then proceed to install it onto your Computer.
  2. Next, copy the hexplorer folder from C:\Program Files to your USB Flash Drive.
  3. Finally, click Hexplo.exe from the folder to launch the program.

Note: You can simply uninstall the program from your Windows PC once you have copied the folder to your portable USB flash drive.