Editra - Portable Text and Code Editor

Editra is a Free Portable Text Editor. Much like notepad++, Editra is a great editing solution for anyone who does coding, HTML work, or even plain text editing. It includes an easy to use interface and features just about every tool you could ever imagine or want in a text editor. Best of all, with a little elbow grease, Editra can be run portably from a USB flash drive making it a great portable application to add to your collection.

Editra Portable Text and Code Editor

Editra Portable text and code editor

Authors Website: http://editra.org

License: Freeware

How to make Editra Portable:

  1. Download the Editra executable installer
  2. Run the editra installer and proceed to install to your computer
  3. Copy the Editra folder from C:\Program Files\Editra to your Flash Drive
  4. Click Editra.exe from the Editra folder to launch the program

Note: You can proceed to uninstall Editra from your PC once you have verified that the portable installation works.